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Range vent flap broke, Repace?

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19 hours ago, GlennWest said:

Mine locked to but we use it so it stays open. 

Sorry I should have said when on the road. Of course you don't lock it when parked and using it.

I had to replace ours when we were new RVrs because I did not realize they were there to be locked until it broke. I replaced mine and remembered to add that to my mental pre-departure checklist.

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Our old trailer, I replaced that item I think twice before I just taped it shut. Our house range vent did not vent to outside and we rarely even turned ours on in the trailer. In our new trailer, the microwave over the range has a fan on it and it is the same as the house and just vents it back into the kitchen at the top of the microwave towards the ceiling. There is no outside vent. If it breaks again, try just taping it shut.

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10 hours ago, Star Dreamer said:

If it breaks again, try just taping it shut.

Our kitchen exhaust hood does exhaust outside and we prefer it to do so since that exhausts much of the moisture from cooking outside. Doing so helps to avoid condensation inside.

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