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Cybertruck CyberLandr Camper Prototype Video Released (+ Interview)


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I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it. I'll have to wait and see one, after I wait and see the truck in production. Interesting? Different?  Yeppers!


Here is a video of the latest design, options, camper shells planned by third parties and with working models, prices, and production estimates as of this month.

Maybe 2022. We'll see.


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If you look at the dark camper with the gear container on the roof...

And then go to "Everlanders" channel on u tube to see a DIY camper body built in a home garage...

Oh and check out the technology on board their truck - auto retracting solar panels, yuge Li battery set, all electric living spaces...

Anyways back to Tesla - I has a question:

That front body line at the end of the "hood" - does that meet pedestrian collision standards? 

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Ues I saw that. THe working prototype was to have it developed and ready to be offered as an OEM option or be carried in the store I would think.

This is my Tesla model Y front end.


Why would the truck front end be different, front end compliance wise? I leave compliance to Tesla like I do for our Subaru Forester. If it passes to be allowed to be sold here, it will be. I believe you are in Canada right? Don't cars need to be in compliance there before they can be sold?

There are also added top mounted tent campers being designed as well as other folks vying for options and accessories suppliers. Until we see the truck in production the accessory market will be speculative. I liked the idea but it looked smaller than my VW Westphalia pop up campers from the 70s and 80s I used to build/restore as Hot VWs. We'll see.

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