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Insurance Non-Renewable Notice

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I have received a non-renewal notice for National General basically on the fact I have to much coverage on my Truck & RV. My question is what is considered is adequate Full timer coverage and if you have umbrella policy do you have that with a separate company (Actually we are not 365 day full timers but maybe 240 days in Texas, IL, MN & WI  plus other 1-2 week trips). The RV is considered as my home with liability.

National General told me in 2019 they would cut my coverage to 100/300/50 if I wanted to change anything in the coverage. Previously I had a lower coverage with an umbrella but that changed when I purchased the 2014 Freightliner M2-106. My RV is a 2016 DRV 38PS3. I also have a car on the policy


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I am domicled in So Dakota and have a full timers policy with Geico. It is bundled with my Jeep toad. I have a separate Geico 1 million umbrella policy as well as a Geico motorcycle policy. All have a $1,000 deductible. Usually if you have an umbrella policy you must have maximum limits on you underlying vehicle policy. I carry 250/500 liability (for when you are moving down the road) and 300,000 full timer liability (like a homeowners policy) plus 40,000 personal contents coverage. I have 250/500 on the motorcycle too. My Class A and Jeep are $1,200 every 6 months. My umbrella is $260 a year and the motorcycle policy for 2 Harley’s is $280 a year. This includes roadside assistance for all vehicles, but I do have the Escapees RA plan as a backup for $99 a year just in case the DP needs a tow.  

Make sure anything you look at is really a full timers policy. Many insurance companies say it is because it covers you 365 days a year but they do not have the extra liability coverage (when you are parked and someone slips and falls) or personal contents coverage. All policies cover you for 365 days a year. 

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Twotoes. That is some what similar to what I have in coverage except I don't have a Umbrella anymore. I have sent an Email to Miller's in OR but no response yet. Originally they put vehicles in one policy payable as a lump sum not individual cost but they did list liabilities separate.  I'm domicled in Texas so it this time I don't know whether is Texas or???. My trouble is the Class 5 Tow vehicle. I will give Geico a call tomorrow.



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Your welcome. I had Nationwide thru Miller before I went to Geico. Nationwide doubled my premium and customer service at Miller went down so I switched. The only problem with Geico is they do not have agents and I had to be transfered from the RV department to the Auto department to the Motorcycle department to the umbrella department so a 15 minute call turned into an hour. But I just renewed for the second time, my third year now, with no increase in premium and I did it all on line in, you got, 15 minutes. 

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We had Nation wide for a couple of years and they decided to bump my rates over 30% with no claims against them.  Went to Geico and after the 3rd now and they have increase a few percent each year, but not much.  We have found you need to shop around for the best policy rates every couple of years.  Also, check for coverage from the independent agents.


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