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Wingard Pathway X2 Help

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First the Covid-19, then medical problems which us has staying in the cold country. 

My problem is we get a little liquid moisture and it freezes. Sometimes it freezes the Pathway solid resulting in one satellite being visible. Other times maybe nothing or some limited rotation. I can take Windshield De-icer to melt the ice but that was required 5 of the last 8 days.

Anyone have a solution. I have thought of using a Glycol product but the Turkeys frequently the area. I forced to use the Eastern Arc due to trees or I would use my Trailgater. Jan 1, is suppose to warm to 32 degrees with sleet. I guess I need a plastic bubble???

Best guess I have 7 weeks before going south.

Thanks Clay from NW Illinois

Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

Diesel pusher and previously 2 FW and small Class C

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Cover the beast with a tarp when ice is probable. You might try spraying the gears with silicone or teflon spray in advance; no idea if that will work.

Actually...thinking about it... it might "see" through a tarp or windscreen if it's held above the dome.



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Feed Back. Dec 31 I put a garbage bag over the Pathway but temperatures and moisture did not test the idea until the last couple days when the temperatures warmed to 32 degree.  I did notice a during one snow the bag with a rumpled surface would hold snow at different amounts and loose signal. Just changing satellite used would drop the dry snow and everything was ok. This morning it appeared the Pathway was looking straight up. I started a new set-up to see the pathway wound up in the plastic bag which tied is down to prevent flying away and snow blowing in.

I wish I had a 100 gallon bag rather then the 50 gallon bag. Next attempt is use some small weigh to secure the bag.

But the Pathway always moved as opposed the moisture freezing in the moveable joints


Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

Diesel pusher and previously 2 FW and small Class C

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