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Maytag front load washing machine

andy hancock

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In our Heartland Big Foot 2012 38ft M-3585RL 5th wheel, we have a stacked Maytag front load washing machine with dryer on top.  They are located in the bedroom closet and in a very tight corner and trimmed/braced out to prevent movement. The washing machine is throwing codes which indicate the pump filter or trap is plugged.  This filter/trap is recommended to be cleaned often and even every month is some cases.  We see "no way" to reasonably move the dryer and washer out to access the back of the machine for removing the rear panel. This is the recommended way for access to clean the filter. The closet wood trim/steel bracing around the pair would have to be removed....the dryer removed and then the washer slid out. The bed is in the way and I can't see enough room for two people to gain enough access to reasonably lift the dryer off. And....where in the world would a person sit the dryer even after getting it out. 

So.....in looking at the washer front panel in the manuals, I'm thinking there is room in the panel and I can cut an access hole in the panel of the washer to gain access to the filter/trap assembly without removing the dryer or washer. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a better process?  Also....does anyone feel that cutting a access hole would weaken the washer front panel structurally.  Some washers come with an access panel. This is apparently Maytag's entry level washer. I can trim a new hole with a rubber grommet and even put a cover of some sort over it? Any thoughts or advice is welcome!  We bought this 5th wheel used in 2018 and it does not appear that the washer has ever been out or serviced. it looks brand new and the seller did use it as a fulltime rig for 2 years.

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For my own peace of mind, I'd pull it out, strip the enclosure, then fire up the power tools. I have a history of finding things in walls that shouldn't be there. The enclosure shouldn't be too adversely affected by a service hole, assuming that the corners are rounded, instead of square.

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   Sorry for not being able to respond quickly. I had a medical problem Tuesday. Just now back into things. Look at the bottom of the washer.is there a panel about 3 1/2” high all the way across. If so you pull that panel and on the right side there is a plug you twist out.  But water will flow out.


  It maybe a renamed brand.

  If you can post a picture for us to see

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