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  1. Kirk.......I don't see anything that looks like a pressure regulator on the 100# tank? The supplier still hasn't shown up to exchange the tank out. I agree with you that the supplier's behavior seems to imply that they know of this issue. I'm still running on my on-board 7 gallon tank. The 8 foot black iron distribution pipe has all take-offs to appliances directly off the top......and so, it may act as a low point and drip leg. I did get approx 4 to 5 tablespoons of oil out of this pipe when I blew air though it. And it's not mounted in a level position on the 5th wheel frame so that oil could have collected at a low point. This could explain the strange behavior of the furnace not firing until the sun was on that pipe? That oil may solidify some at low temps? I will ask about a trap or drip leg when they show up. Everything worked perfectly overnight last night which pleased the wife very much. It's so nice when the wife is pleased.
  2. Update to my propane issue. Today I took the rubber hose that feeds from the regulator to the black iron distribution pipe. You can see that 4 foot hose in the picture. It comes out of the regulator on the bottom where I found all that waxy junk. I put the hose in a hot water bath with Dawn dish soap for 5 minutes, ran a wire through it then blew it out with compressed air. There was some oil (maybe a tablespoon) in it but no heavy waxy material that I found in the regulator. The black iron distribution pipe runs along the 5th wheel frame for 8 feet and all connections come off the top. I was able to remove the ends and blow compressed air through it. I got approx 4 or 5 tablespoons of amber colored oil but again no heavy waxy material. I then reconnected everything, opened the valve on our onboard tank.........went inside and tested the pressures. Everything was perfect. The immediate pressure was 11.5 inches and when I started the furnace, the pressure only dropped to 11 inches. With furnace and two stove top burners on....the pressure dropped to 10.5 inches and stayed there. I called the propane service who provides our onsite propane tank (100 lb tank) and asked if the tank they supplied (which was a used tank) could possibly have an unusual amount of heavy oil in it. I asked how often they purge their tanks when refilling to remove the build up of oil. Our problem started when the onsite tank got down to 30% full. Without answering my question, they volunteered to bring me a different tank. I asked if I could have a "new" tank and they didn't want to agree to that and said I could buy a tank if I wanted a new one. I was hoping that when I resolved this it might be of use to others who might encounter a similar issue. But.....I'm not sure I know exactly what the problem was. I replaced the regulator, cleaned the rubber hose, blew out the black iron distribution pipe and I'm using propane out of our onboard 7 gallon tank. But ....it feels good to have it fixed......it's getting cold at night here. Thanks for all the input from all of you.
  3. Update on my propane problems....In changing out the old regulator for the new one, I found this heavy accumulation in the outlet port of the old regulator. It is lumpy and waxy in consistency and very close to a teaspoon of it. This outlet port connects to a 5 foot rubber hose that connects into the 5th wheel black iron propane distribution piping. I cleaned up this mess as much as I could and installed the new regulator. Unfortunately I have the same symptoms. With no gas appliances on, the pressure stabilizes at 11.5 inches of water column. But when I start the furnace, the pressure drops to 6 inches and when I add a couple stove burners, it drops even lower towards 5 inches. That outlet port on the regulator points downward and directly into the rubber hose. Now I'm thinking that if there is that much accumulation of this waxy "stuff" in that port, the old regulator must be full of it and also the rubber hose could be partially plugged with it. If the rubber hose is partially plugged.......even if the regulator opened up in attempt to maintain 11 inches as the furnace came on, a partially restricted hose would not allow free flow of propane resulting in my pressure drop. So I'm thinking I will replace the rubber hose or at least run something through it to check for this waxy stuff. From what I read, it's not unusual to have a percentage of brand new regulators not function properly but it is set properly to get 11.5 inches with no flow. I'm calling out the propane service who supplies our larger site tank and see if it could be the source of this contamination. This 2012 5th wheel has been used for fulltiming for 6 years and part time for 2 years so there has been a lot of propane run through the system......with no problems. Any thoughts or advice is welcome!!!!! What is this waxy stuff?
  4. Update on our furnace issue.......I have checked the operation with my manometer two mornings in a row. And with two different outdoor temperatures. This morning with a 27 degree outdoor temperature the pressures were as followers. No gas appliances on it was at 10.75 inches. With furnace only it dropped to 8.5 inches. Furnace and two cook top burners on it dropped to 7.0 inches. Two burners only 9.0 inches. Another observation as I have watched this closely. The regulator window that shows "red" or "green" depending on gas on or off is not working. It only shows a black window. So I have myself convinced that the problem is the regulator and maybe Kirk's comment about the regulator being oil logged is a possibility to explain the morning sun on the side of the 5th wheel. My new regulator arrives tomorrow and I will update after it's installed. The regulator is 8 years old so within the recommended replacement interval.
  5. RV_.......no I do not lay the propane bottles on their side. I understand that is a no-no. I haven't shared that I have a second source of propane with a site mounted tank. I've tried both and the symptom is the same. Darryl&Rita.......good suggestion and if the pressures at good tomorrow morning early, I'm thinking I will open up the furnace and start working though it. I will try your suggestion.
  6. Kirk..........Thanks so much for your comments. I do appreciate it. The same symptom occurred again this morning with outside temp at 45 degrees. I have not heard about the oil contamination of the regulator and that does make sense. I built a homemade manometer today and hooked into one of the cook stove burners. The pressure goes immediately to 13.25 inches of water which seems a sight high? But we are currently at 6.700 foot elevation which may effect that? When the two remaining burners are turned on the pressure drops to 9.5 inches and holds that until I turn them off. From what I've read, that is in the OK range? It immediately returns to 13.25 inches when I turn the two burners off. That was this afternoon with outside temps are 83 degrees. The weather forecast for tonight is for temps in the 30s........ so I will check it again tomorrow morning. I did order a new regulator yesterday. I read where they should be replaced at minimum around 10 years. This is a 2012 5th wheel and I''m sure the regulator is original. But unless the pressures are different tomorrow morning, my first thought is that the regulator is not the problem? Again thanks for you thoughts and insight.......I will keep posted so that someone may learn from this.
  7. I have a unusual symptom and problem with our RV furnace. With recent night time cooling we started setting our thermostat at 64 degrees before bedtime. We wrote up to a very cool 5th wheel. I found the gas furnace had failed and required reset by turning the thermostat off and restarting. It was before sunrise and I restarted the furnace a couple times without success. The fan would start and the furnace would shutdown consistently at the 120 second time. I understand that this eliminates the sail switch which would cause fan shutdown at 30 seconds and indicates possibly a gas supply or other problem at ignition. Now this is the bewildering part of the problem. The outside wall of the 5th wheel that has the furnace and propane compartment faces the East. After the sun hits that east facing side of the 5th wheel for just a few minutes........the furnace fires up and works reliably every time. The 7 gallon propane bottle is full. So I don't feel the problem is within the furnace with the most probable cause being the regulator? Why would the sun hitting that east side of the 5th result in everything working? This has happened several mornings in a row......so it's consistent. I think the next step may be checking the gas pressure in the 5th wheel before and after sunrise? I don't have the gas meter for this test.......11 inches of water. So hoping someone may have had a similar issue or experience? I don't want to overreact and tear into the furnace needlessly. It works perfectly after the sun hits that east side of the 5th wheel. Your suggestions and ideas are very welcome and appreciated.
  8. RVl Brake 2 with Wireless Monitor and Breakaway System. Like new.....Purchased and used one time before our RV strategy changed. $1125.00 new. asking $800.00. I can email picture.
  9. RV1 aux brake 2 with wireless monitor and breakaway system. Like new.....used for one trip. Paid $1125. Buyer to pay shipping if not picked up. $925 (208)31five-05four9
  10. Someone must have had this experience and can give us some guidance.....We retired in 1999 from a NW state where we owned a home and begin a lifestyle of snowbirds and traveling most of the year.........7 to 8 months of the year living in our RV. While keeping our home......we moved our domicile to SD in 2002....... but like most, we didn't have any real estate in SD. We maintained our home in our original NW domicile state and spend 4 to 5 months there each summer. It was our only home (brick and mortar home) for 13 years since retirement. We sold that home this past fall (2014) and purchased a retirement home in a southwest state while maintaining our domicile in SD. We watch closely not to spend more than 180 days in any state that might conflict our domicile of SD. Now is tax time and from what we can read, the NW home had been our only residence for those 13 years since retirement....."primary or principle residence" and should be exempt from capital gains. But.....the CPA is saying that "principle residence" must be in your state of domicile (SD) and will be denied by the IRS. We can't find that clarification anywhere in documents we can find on the subject. The CPA is saying that "principle residence" and the exemption from capital gains must occur in your current state of domicile.......anyone with any experience with this. I may not have explained this too well but any help would be appreciated.
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