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regen problems

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Once again I'm having regeneration problems on my 2008 Cummins 8.3.  I don't know if this is "normal", or if I really do have an issue.

3 years ago the DPF plugged up to the point of derating, at 100k miles, and I had it replaced at considerable cost. The truck has run fine since then, but, after a couple of hours of city driving yesterday which couldn't be avoided, I arrived home to hear that dreaded groaning engine sound and the DPF full light came on.  I tried to start a manual regen, but I'm not sure I pressed the switch correctly as I later saw it has a little slider tab and a down arrow on it.  I did not notice that.

Now, I'm hoping I can simply hook up and start towing to make this problem go away. There's no freeway near me so I cannot drive at high speed.  I may be able to get the manual regen to work later if I press the  switch correctly, but that requires a warm engine and I'm not taking that chance right now.

Sooo... can I assume this truck is regenerating properly when driving as it's been fine for years until yesterday? Can a truck shop make this thing regen if I can't? (I talked to Sportchassis yesterday but this person wasn't much help)


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I don't know that much about forced Regen but been around a few. First put the engine to a fast idle, after the engine warmup the regen should work if allowed.

I had a Ford 6.7 that had frequent auto regens and you knew it happened. I have a 2015 Sports Chassis 8.9 Cummins. I only know if I'm in a regen if I'm stopping and the engine goes to an idle. I get a hot exhaust warning, nothing else. I don't have the DPF but have a catalyst which operates somewhat the same.

Call a Cummins engine dealer/service shop, Have your engine number available, they should be able to help you.

Clay with the truck basically parked the the Covid-19 and other health problems.

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