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My wife Peggy and I are FT RVers . We have been on the road for 18 months and like many of you, I have struggled with internet service. We currently use our IPHONE's Hot Spot for internet connectivity. Suffice to say that the the WiFi networks on our various RV resorts are variable. 

I have asked this question before (sorry) but need to ask it again. What is the best way to be able to stream movies ?

My latest research is as follows. 

  1. purchase a Winegard Extender $350
  2. Buy a data plan from either AT&T or Verizon. (monthly rate plans)

We have on occasion used our phone's HOTSPOT which has 30GB, but that depends on a strong cell-signal. The idea behind buy the Wingard is that it is mounted on the roof and thus has a better chance to to get good service.

We love being on the road, but also want to watch movies (especially) during this COVID period.







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Since you mention you have an iPhone, are you aware that you can get HDMI output from the phone's Lightning port?  Apple sells an inexpensive Lightning to HDMI adapter and the data you use isn't counted as part of your hotspot limit. (Don't buy one of the unbranded copies of this adapter; it may fail the HDMI copyright protection rules.)

In addition to my several low-cost internet connections I now have an iPhone that is dedicated to streaming video.  I added it to our postpaid Verizon plan and it's only costing me ~$27/mo including taxes.  I can use its 15GB of hot spot data and when that runs out I can connect it to the living area TV with an HDMI cable.  If I really cared, I could use a wireless HDMI extender to eliminate the cable.

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I have unlimited data plan on Verizon although it will occasionally slow down but not enough to bother me, much (my wife and I both have this service so we rarely get slowed down from one phone to the other).  We use Amyzon alot so we joined amazon plus, shipping free mostly and lots of movies/shows to watch for free on prime video (well worth the prime charge whether you use their service or not).  I watch youtube, netflix(pay), roku and peacock for free.  Pandora works great for free radio, another free radio broadcast for rush limbough and hannity, and lots of other talk radio is also free.  Even boon-docking way out in the sticks, we usually can get 2-3 over the air stations.


Doc, I have not seen a wireless HDMI extender to eliminate the cable.  What/where would I find one of those?  I'd love to get ride of the HDMI cable! (I'm now going to go surf the interweb to see if I can find one).  🙂

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9 hours ago, NDBirdman said:

Doc, I have not seen a wireless HDMI extender to eliminate the cable.  What/where would I find one of those? 

Something like this ought to work; there are a lot of them on the market.  Finding one with good reviews isn't easy.

Wireless HDMI

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Just for clarification......

you say the data used via the lightning cable does not count toward the hotspot limit but (please correct me if I am wrong) it still counts toward your providers data plan limits doesn't it?



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Just another thing to think about. Do you have a VPN set up? We have Surfshark VPN at home and on the road. This is helpful to avoid hacks on your devices and to keep things secure. The other cool thing is you can change you location to different countries and get different Netflix shows and options. If VPNs are new to you, most large companies use them to protect company data. Same thing we can do for our personal data. Once downloaded, it’s as easy as clicking a button to turn it on and off when you want. 

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