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1996 Itasca SunCruiser 37' MH slide will not retract

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Welcome to the Escapee forums. Sorry that it took some problems to bring you here, but we will do all that we can to help. My first suggestion would be to call a mobile RV tech, if one is available. I don't have a lot of HWH experience, but have worked on a few of them and all that I am familiar with were fused. Have you looked for a fuse that may supply the system? You mention that it is an HWH leveling system and I wonder if you have any power to raise the leveling jacks? In most HWH systems the same hydraulic pump supplies the jacks as the slide mechanism. 

If you were to share your location with us, it may be that one of the more experienced members of the forum could be nearby and able to help.


Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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3 hours ago, RenegadeLady52 said:

the slide will not retract, there is no power to the control panel switch on the dash. HMW hydraulic leveling system. 

Hi Lady, sorry to hear of your troubles, that sort of "goes with the territory" especially the more bells and whistles an RV has grrrrrrrrrrrr

 Since you mention there is "no power" that could (cross your fingers) be as simple as a blown fuse, or a tripped DC circuit breaker. If you know the location where there may be DC system fuses or circuit breakers take a look for any obvious problems. If you're inexperienced a blown fuse may be hard to detect (may take a meter) while a tripped circuit breaker (if that's what you have ?? I more often see fuses) might be noticeable.   Loose or open wires or connections are another possibility.  Does it matter if you're plugged to the RV shore power or not?? Do you know if your RV house battery bank is okay ??? Are all other 12 Volt appliances and lights and systems working okay ???

 Sorry this is too wide open of a question and not being there and not having any wiring diagrams makes it hard to solve over the internet but if you can determine where there may be fuses or DC circuit breakers at least take a look, you might just luck out???

 Best wishes and God Bless

John T

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29 minutes ago, RenegadeLady52 said:

I'm going to try to do it manually.

Lady, thanks for the feedback. If there's a manual by pass retraction system that can do the trick so USE CAUTION. 

PS if anyone has a manual, diagram, or troubleshooting and experience with your system do as they might suggest NOT ME lol 

Good Luck

John T 

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Lady, PS in case you don't already have one, I found this "Emergency Manual Operation" regarding Slide Outs and other information on the HWH Website, but you said HMW ??? Heritage Metal Works ???


It (iffffff that's what you have???) has several troubleshooting and flow charts that may or may not help, take a look see...

John T


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Lady, another PS. I did a search for HWH Slide Out Manual Operation on You Tube and found this but I DID NOT find a specific video regarding your exact RV, I will keep looking. Maybe you already have it done by now yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  


And another You Tube Video for Troubleshooting


John T  Hey Im trying

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Call Paul Maddox at 602-549-3638.  He does troubleshooting for HWH. If he doesnt answer, leave a message.  He will get back to you as quickly as he can. He posts his information on another RV forum, so not problem posting it here.

Good luck

2005 Winnebago Voyage 38J


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