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News from the Toy Draggin folks


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Finally seem to be getting past the 2-t3 Dr visits a week so will be working on getting our rig sold. For those who don't remember, the Toy Draggin is a 2001 64T VNL 770  Volvo Pre-Emission Tractor, singled MID with an aluminum bed. (Not my choice, just came that way & we were too cheap to replace it.) We've done most all of the greasy work (New clutch, throw-out  bearing, pressure plate, and autoshift transmission) under the truck, so no worries with that for a while. Cab is in good shape but could use a bit of cosmetic attention in spots. Don't get me wrong, it shines up pretty good, but it isn't custom paint/decals either.  Already has Jackalopee installed, The trailer is a 2014 Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 395AMP, 44' long with a 14' garage. (REALLY cool) which will fit a Side by Side, or 2 Dressers, or a small Broadway show. Everything works, including some electrical upgrades. Has 2 A/C units, 2 batteries, solar, additional grounding capacity, and some suspension mondifications. The Rig has 95% or better tires all around, truck & trailer.

Gotta stop, Admin is gonna yell a me for hijacking the thread. Will get something posted on the FOR SALE forum shortly. Meantime, you can send me a PM if you're a serious buyer. 

Paul & Paula + Daisy the amazing wiggle worm dog...

2001 Volvo 770 Autoshift, Singled, w/ Aluminum Bed - Toy Draggin

2013 395AMP XLR Thunderbolt Toy Hauler

2013 Smart Passion

2012 CanAm Spyder RT

2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide

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