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Renewing Texas Drivers license remotely?


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Hello all,

Im trying to find out if I am eligible to renew my Texas drivers license while out of state. 

I have renewed once online already

I have a class B non commercial license for the RV.

I downloaded the forms for out of state renewal and the DL application.

Does the online renewal disqualify me from renewing remotely?

They did send a letter stating that I was disqualified because I needed SSN verification. 


Thanks for the Help


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You need to contact them if you haven't.  I know there were some extensions automatically applied and may still be.  I was trying to get mine renewed to qualify for the "real ID"  and I stopped at multiple offices until I found out they had automatically extended the deadline as all the offices were closed. I was supposed to do mine by the end of October.

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4 hours ago, Summitradio said:

the next appointment is some time in January.

The problem is from the time that those offices were closed due to COVID19 and the fact that even today they are only allowed to have alternate stations open. I just did my in person renewal last week and I didn't have to wait nearly as long as you found, but it does vary greatly in the time to get an appointment from one office to the next. Not all offices currently have all services. In addition, the current policy is that if you carry your printed out appointment order with you, your license will be valid until that date, as long as you make the appointment before it is out. That is what I was told when I did my renewal. as I asked them about the problem that you have. In Pam's case, she was about to get hers done when the offices closed and they at that time made all licenses that expire good for another 90 days after the offices reopen. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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