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Evicted during Pandemic....Hospitality NOT included


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I don’t know if this is allowed and didn’t know where to put this. But, I want other RV’er to beware of this RV Park in Liberty Hill, Tx.

This RV park is a beautiful park, just poorly owned/managed.  

In my opinion there is no hospitality offered here. You self check in over the phone and text/email lot number and electric reading. I didn’t meet the manager/ owner for several days and then only because I tracked them down. The only rule I was give is no smoking outside of your RV. No speed limit, no quiet hours, no campfire restrictions, nothing. They say that rules can be found on their website. But nothing is given out at check in or posted throughout the park.

My second day I got a trash can no notice what day, trash day was, and dog poop bucket with a doggie care package. There were poop pick up bags in the package but no notice to pick up after your pet or notice where you should walk pets. Of course I always pick up after my dog, but we’ve all experienced campers who don’t. So to me it looked like no rules and no one to enforce them anyways. 

The only other park that has given me a trash can, had trash pick up at the foot of your site.  I guess I should’ve called the owner again and asked about it.

Inconvenient to have to call the owner, several times a day, for the first few weeks to ask about things, yes, irritating yes, but still beautiful setting, fishing ponds, and fresh air. The park only had a few campers then. 

Everything seamed to be going fine for about 6 months and the park started filling up. More people not picking up after pets or driving as fast as they wanted. I’m not a confrontational type person. So, I just pick up any piles I came across and watched for vehicles.  I talked to most new people coming in and gave them information that they didn’t receive at check in. Cuz hey it what neighbors do.  I assume others called and complained to the park management because emails started arriving about this rule or that rule. Some of them very strict and some of them worded in a confusing way. If we emailed we just got the same message forwarded again. No answers to questions asked or clarification.

Fast forward to approximately May 2020. More rules....No fires cooking or otherwise allowed. Not even in the fancy community fire pit they built. Few days later only propane cooking fires allowed. No unregistered visitors in park preserve (actual beautiful part of the park)where the pond is, where the deer and rabbits come out and where the riverside picnic tables are. No overnight guest in your RV without a $50 fee.

Needless to say, Neighbors started talking and complaining. I had been there almost a year and have talked to these people, some daily. So, of course they came to me with questions. There was a Private Facebook Group not affiliated with the park or Management.  The owner of the group was moving on and asked me to head up the group. She warned me the owner would try to shut it down. That’s when a whole can of worms opened up. Two days later the owners wife asked the original group manager to let this new woman into our group. By the end of that day the group was gone and everyone forcefully removed from the group.

So, I opened a Private Facebook page for neighbors  virtual and actual. So we could discuss and ask questions about park related things. People started leaving the park and my Facebook group was blamed. Management of the park called often demanding I shut my Facebook group down. I did not. Finally on July 6th, I got a cease and desist letter from Managements lawyers. Giving me 24 hr to remove any false or defamatory posts on my Private Facebook group. On July 6th I asked said law firm for clarification on what posts needed removed. Silence. I again requested clarification from the lawyer. Silence.  July 7th, 3-day Eviction notice was emailed to me. The owner of the park called my husband and they talked for an hour plus. At the end of the call. He told my husband if I shut down my page we could stay forever. Because we were perfect tenants. Later that same day I noticed water running in the dog park. My husband texted the owner to report this. The owner had the nerve to ask my husband to go switch the water off for him! 

So During the highest spike in  Texas Covid-19 pandemic. My 60 yr old husband with multiple medical problems and I with multiple medical problems have to move. On top of that we have no truck to move the RV. We rented a truck before but not during a pandemic. Our trailer had no plates or inspection because Covid has everything shut down. So how can we hire a driver who will want proof of inspection and valid plates? We can’t stay there because even if I shut the group down we would have no way to prove it was gone. And can we trust this owner? Will he just keep making up imaginary problems and blaming us? Needless to say, today We are out of here.

By the way, the lawyer got back to me about the Facebook group. None of the so called offensive posts were made by me. And only one had a comment by me. 

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You are clearly upset, and I genuinely sympathize.  If it's not too late, I would go to the own, ask his/her forgiveness and shut down the face book group.  Standing up for you principles can be admirable, but some times it's not worth it.

Best wishes.

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I tried to look at where you're staying.  If it's Hunt's Crossing it's listed as a long-term park.  Therefore, they probably run it differently than a regular RV park.  Since people don't come in constantly all day long there's no need for the manager to be there although it would have been nice if he greeted you.  He's running it like an apartment building would be run.  Maybe this isn't the place and I have it all wrong.

It seems what really ticked him off were the occupants forming 'groups' and 'Facebook' to hash over problems and complaints.  This sounds like something a housing neighborhood might do.  Because you all live day after day among yourselves and discussing on Facebook it makes for a lot of gossip and back-stabbing.  That's not a good atmosphere.  If everyone has that many complaints it's best not to stay there.

Sorry it happened and hopefully you can move on to a better place for you.

Full-timed for 16 Years
Traveled 8 yr in a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star 40' Motorhome
and 8 yr in a 33' Travel Supreme 5th Wheel

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It is not Hunts Crossing. And we were not using it to complain or hash over problems. We used it to say hey there is a package for you... or  I have extra (blank) anyone want some? Stuff like that. Once people started leaving we kept each other informed about where we going. Once the park started deleted bad reviews and telling half truths on review replies we did start talking about that. But again it was a private group and only members could see the posts. The park had a someone join and take screenshots so that he could make me remove posts. Sad he was so paranoid about nothing. But I’m glad to be gone.

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