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sattelite pointer

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Having a problem using the satellite pointer app.  For the last few years it was very accurate'.   With the aerial view I was able to see even the smallest obstruction such as a tree branch.  It is no longer accurate.  It shows the satellites for dish network several degrees west of where they are actually located.  I installed the wineguard app and it is also incorrect.  May be a problem with my phone.  Let me know what you think.

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You do not say which app you use. I use Satellite Director and it seems to be very accurate. However, I always make sure the location data on my phone is accurate first by calibrating it according to the phone manufacturer directions and then I use an app called GPS Status to see what the accuracy looks like before I use Director. 



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Make sure your phone's magnetometer (compass) sensor is calibrated by moving it through several figure '8' motions while well away from any large metal areas. Also make sure you're not close to any metal like your dish that may affect the accuracy when sighting in the satellites .

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Thanks for helping. I tried these things to the best of my ability which is admittedly limited.  I don't think this technical stuff is meant to be user friendly to  average 85 year old dudes but I am thankful that I can still try. I think you are correct about the location accuracy of my phone.  When using the NOAA app in satellite mode it used to show exactly where I was standing with the phone.  Now it moves around and is not accurate.  I was hoping to hear from someone using the satellite pointer app just to make sure it was still working.  It was very effective because the camera showed every obstruction

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I use the Satellite Pointer app. I periodically have to recalibrate the compass/location on my phone to keep it accurate. I also have to go into the settings on Satellite Pointer and tell it to acquire the location after we've moved. After doing #1 every few months and #2 each time we move, the app is accurate enough to use. You can Google on how to recalibrate your phone (differs depending on phone model and whether it is Apple or Android).


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