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Rm2652 not working on 12v


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Help! I have a 1999 Tioga fleetwood and my fridge stopped working on gas when I turn the ignition off or unplug the wall power. It does work on gas if ether the ignition switch is on, or power is connected. It works normal when on gas or power when connected to wall, or with ignition on. But not if no power.. any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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What is the condition of your house battery?  Do your interior lights dim or go out when you turn the ignition off or unplug from wall power?

When the ignition is on the house and chassis batteries are connected together so the engine alternator can charge both of them and this can mask a bad house battery.

If your house battery isn't working properly, it could be a bad connection going to the battery (corrosion on the battery terminals is common) or a bad battery itself.

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Pedro FWIW I also agree with Lou. If your house battery is low such can cause the fridge or other 12 VDC appliances to fail (or lights may be dim). HOWEVER if plugged to shore power when your Converter/Charger (charges house battery) is working or your house battery is coupled up with the engines battery that can allow it to work.

 You need to check the voltage and State of Charge (SOC) of your house battery and insure its wired correctly with no blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers or bad/open/corroded connections etc. A full charged lead acid battery stabilized and at rest should read around 12.6 volts and when connected to your working shore powered Converter/Charger or your engine is running and its battery is connected to your house battery it should rise to at least 13 and up to 14 or so volts subject to battery and charging source. 

 Perhaps your house battery is low or its not actually properly connected or a fuse is blown or a breaker is tripped or a connection is bad. When NOT plugged to shore power and the house battery isn't connected to the engines battery, the house battery ALONE needs to have sufficient voltage and SOC to power up the 12VDC appliances and if that's low THEY DONT WORK RIGHT OR AT ALL.

 Check your house battery terminals and connections,,,,,,,,,,check for any blown fuses or tripped breakers,,,,,,,,,,,check voltage of house battery BOTH when unplugged from shore power and ignition off (12.6 if full charged at rest & stabilized) as well as when plugged to shore power or engine running (13 to 14 volts)……….. How is the electrolyte level if its a flooded lead acid house battery ?? Needs to be above the plates....How old is the house battery ??? A shop can test it for free including a load test...…...

 John T

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