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Another Atwood water Heater Not Lighting...

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New guy here!  I've been googling my issue, but can't match the symptoms...

My Atwood 93756 won't light.  I replaced the igniter.   When my wife hits the button inside, I can see the igniter spark (once).  It will light if I use a BBQ lighter, so I know there is gas.  In fact, once I get it lit and gas is flowing, if I turn if off and back on right away, the igniter lights the gas right up.  Once it's off and cools down, it sparks but won't re-light.  But again, I can manually light the gas.

Should my igniter be sparking more than once?  Any advice?


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Welcome to the Escapee forums! The igniter should attempt to light over and over. I suspect that you have a control circuit board problem. I would try removing and reseating all of the connections to the circuit board several times to clean them first, just as a quick test. You can download a copy of the Atwood Service manual from Bryant RV Service. If you do replace the circuit board, I suggest you use one of the replacements from Dinosaur Electronics as I have found them to be much longer lived than are the OEM boards from Atwood. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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4 hours ago, Spokane Rick said:

When my wife hits the button inside, I can see the igniter spark (once). 

Typically you can see and/or hear them snap snap snap snap several times trying to light the gas before it stops and the gas valve closes. The problem could be the circuit control board (HV coil ignitor portion) or perhaps a poor connection or resistive ground. The ignitor tips gap distance is fairly critical also, check to see if its in spec.  You might check for low voltage to the board and see if it matters if the RV is plugged to shore power which should raise battery voltage, but based on such limited information for now the board is a prime suspect while I still always check for low voltage or poor connections anytime I'm troubleshooting.

 John T

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