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Dometic RM 2604

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I'm bringing a RM 2604 back to life.  The AC heater unit shows open resistance so I need a new one.  Can anybody tell me what wattage this heater should be?  I see many available but don't know what wattage it should be.  Also need the thermostat for this unit.





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3 hours ago, Kirk West said:

Thanks Lou.  I can find one that's 295 watts so that should work.  Might just take a little longer to cool.  Any input on the thermostat?  Measured with an ohm meter and it never opens, turn the know and it's short all the time.



Out of curiosity, have you tried chilling the thermostat before you test it?  Unlike an A/C thermostat, it's highest temperature setting is likely lower than your ambient temperature so unless there's an  "off" position it may stay on at room temperatures even if it's working properly.

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Kirk, After a brief search (kind of busy today) I didn't find the Heating Element or Thermostat Part Numbers, but I did find this which may or may not help, sorry best I could do in a short time.


Here's a manual:



Regarding the heating element is states, same as Lou found:


"This check is to be done with the

heating element at room temperature. The proper ohms

for RM2604 is 48 and RM2804 is 44 with a tolerance of

ten percent. If the resistance is outside the tolerance

range, replace the heating element."

Regarding the Thermostat it states: 


It is an electric only thermostat. On 2-way models it

controls the AC heating element. On 3-way models it

controls the DC heating element as well as the AC

heating element. The thermostat regulates the cabinet

temperature by making and breaking the heat source

circuit. The internal mechanism breaks contact (continuity)

when adequate cabinet temperature has been

reached. Check the thermostat for continuity or use a

jumper wire with insulated clips and bypass the thermostat.

NOTE: Care should be used. Do not short to thermostat

casing. Also remove the jumper after testing is completed.

If the above test allows the refrigerator to operate,

replace the thermostat.


John T


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