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Death Valley, Hwy. 127


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4 hours ago, jhayes said:

Can anyone offer the road condition of Hwy. 127 from Death Valley Junction south to I-15 at Baker?



Dec 26th drove Hwy 127 South from Pahrump / Soshone / Baker/ Kelso/ Amboy/ Joshtree/ Joshtree Nat Park/Palm Desert/ Borrego Springs......

Jan 8th drove from Borrego Springs/ Palm Desert/ 29 Palms / Amboy/ I-40 Essex Rd/ Black Canyon Camp Mohave Natl Preserv/ Kelso/ Baker / Hyw 127 to Soshone/ Hwy178/ 372 to Pahrump.


Hwy 127 was about the best road for the whole trip but due a massive truck wreck in I-15 at Primm Hwy 127 traffic was heavy on our return trip but normally Hwy127 is a nice low traffic  drive.

We are maybe a bit smaller coach at 37 ft with a baby kitty 350 Hp and a 27 ft Wells Cargo Auto-Wagon Sport so we are 64 ft long and easy drive with no real grade to slow us even with our itty-bitty-kitty........

Enjoy the drive.


Drive on...........(Hwy 127 nice trip......)



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