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Non electric coffee grinder?


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Agreed. The Hario Skerton & Kyocera are about, hands down, the best on the market and produced a better grind than many electrics costing hundreds. The "same animal"... just branded by two different Japanese companies. One suggestion I would make though would be to check out orphanespress's website. They have a fairly inexpensive lower bearing modification kit that improves the grind quite dramatically. Especially if you're doing pressed coffee.

To note though... if you are wanting a fine grind for espresso then the mod kit isn't for you. It's intended more to keep proper alignment for standard and course grounds. It greatly reduces "play" in the axle for even grinds with minimal "powder" to muddy your cuppa. It "does" however reduce the burr adjustment travel so getting it down tight for a fine expresso grind doesn't work so well. 

They also have information there to help identify authentic grinders. There are a "great" many knock-off's on the market that leave a lot to be desired. Aka, piss poor performance.

I use the full size, because I make more than one cup at a time, and it comes with an airtight cap so... if you're lazy sometimes like me... I'll do a couple days worth of grounds at once and the cap will keep your grounds fresh.

Looks like the mod kit is available through amazon now. Not sure if it's the same as orphanespressos, but looks to be. I would still check out their website for alignment instructions and info to identify authentic grinders.

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On 9/4/2018 at 6:10 AM, KnoxSwift said:

Aikfun Coffee Grinder...

Looks to be a Hario/Kyocera... "remake". 😉 

4 hours ago, noteven said:

I ordered a Hario ceramic-

I'm sure you'll be quite happy with it. Dunno how many years mine has on it. It's been more than a few and still going strong. My french press and cowboy coffee might not seem so... but I'm a little choosy about my coffee and it all starts with the best fresh grind. 😉


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4 minutes ago, KnoxSwift said:

Ceramic is the key. So far my knock off is going strong 3 year.

Exactly! Ceramic burr's seem to offer the best grind. The rest is just keeping it in alignment for a consistent grind. Not as critical for some brewing methods than others... and if it ain't broke......  , right.

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5 minutes ago, Yarome said:

and if it ain't broke......  , right.


Well, I bookmarked your brand in case mine ever fails. I don't know if I heard about the different companies back when I bought mine off Amazon, just knew I was looking for ceramic. I have a cast iron one to. The grind difference is night and day.

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