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No more shimmy


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A couple months  ago my grandson and I undertook changing the kingpins on my T2000. It is not hard, just heavy. Today we finaly had an excuse to go for a nice long ride. We had some steel to tale to the scrap yard. It used to start a steering shimmy at about 55 mph. We took it up to 75 with absolutely no shimmy. The steering is noticeably tighter. Now to install new tie rod ends and adjust the toe. I did not have the tie rod ends when we did the other work or it would have been done at the same time.

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10 hours ago, Jim & Wilma said:

Ron, Hearing that you were wrestling the front end of your KW brought a smile. Sounds like your health has returned and kingpins watch out. 

I can only work for 1 hr at a time. A lot of it is the heat and humidity. It takes so much out of me. Going to take the truck to OKC later this month to visit the daughter. Told her I have to have the rv finished first. Then next month we head to Colorado for grandchild number 6

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