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Deck is done for now 16 days of work.

Lance A Lott

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Hay, Lottt,

Not a bad looking job for a horse abuser......

Just wondering...... what wheel base did you choose after I sent the way-too-many weight and balance calcs of too many wheel base / hitch locations.


Of course you are REQUIRED to send me the EXACT details so i can keep it up-2-date for the weight-police.....


Now towing nags complicates wt & Bal since hay intake occurred at one location and then the exhaust-treatment-$eystem "deposit" in another location very much like a new Volvo's Exhaust except to Volvo's smell worse...


Now remember on your two weeks horse expedition.......when you fall off your pony.....land on the hardest part of a horse operater body......the head....most that have had horses a while have to have thick scullz.....

Enjoy the trip.....

Drive on......(horse exhaust.....full time pollution control.....)


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I see that only one of the pics posted, i put about a dozen up o well. I will work on that. Although it may be a couple of weeks very spoty cell service where we camp. You have to look on the ground for X marks were others got it. 

Dolly I singled it short at 182 if fading memory is correct. I will post wheights some time. 

I hooked up the trailer brake charge line as a air hose and caped the other one now if i leave the trailer brakes on it will start in 1st or second. I cant wait to get the upgraded shifter programed.

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