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  1. Oh boy...the damage I could do trying to cut my canoe in half...I really hate to part with my Old Town 16 footer though... Still looking at this Porta Bote concept.. Mark
  2. Thanks to all for providing input.....as Big5er said "it ain't happening...." Need to look closely at the Seaeagle..been looking at the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak - anyone have one and have good words? Thanks again to those that responded, always get a good response on this forum..... Mark
  3. Time to ask the experts....I know someone out there has an idea - other than just sell the canoe..... Trying to figure out a way that I could haul my 14' canoe on my rig. Putting it on the Fiver is a no go due to the height. Really don't think I have enough slope to mount it over the Smart towards the back of the cab - thoughts? Mark
  4. I've seen a few folks mention they have used and stayed at various HH locations.....anyone had a problem with showing up with an HDT? I imagine just like RV parks, calling ahead and letting the host know of our rigs is best? Mark
  5. Love the new look of the truck... Welcome to the Grand Design family... Mark
  6. COFLTravler

    Brake Job

    So I elected to go with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/2" and wow quite the tool. I ended up not using the cheater wrench for torquing... was not impressed - may work great for removal but did not use... Man am I glad I changed my disk pads...they still had some life left as the indicators showed (not much), but they were a mess breaking apart.... Just another job done on the rig...or should I say just more money gone..... Mark
  7. Any update on the saga?
  8. COFLTravler

    Brake Job

    Hey Scrap, Yes you can see the wear indicators as well as some of the pad (mine does not have the dust covers). So hear I go....decided to go with the Cheater Wrench. Also ordered their adapter (1" to 1/2"), that you can use a 1/2" torque wrench through the torque multiplier. They have a chart to set the torque wrench in relation to the multiplier to obtain the "correct" torque. We shall see - will report on my progress. Thanks for all the input Mark
  9. COFLTravler

    Brake Job

    Need to ask the experts on the forum.. Really need new brake pads on my rig - it has disk brakes all around so really easy to swap out the pads...the issue is getting the wheels off and back on...always trying to save a nickel and besides love to tinker.... What are other folks doing to remove wheels ( I've done a lot of reading about the Milwaukee 1/2 gun as a possible tool) If I get a torque multiplier to remove the nuts do folks use the multiplier to reinstall and how do you know if it's torqued correctly? I know besides taking it to the shop? Mark
  10. My 780 has only one for all the bags.....I know some earlier Volvos had more that one valve. Here is a pic of the holes...sorry about the mud - dirt roads in the mountains... Mark
  11. I will post a better picture when I get the truck back from the Stealership....or maybe I won't be able to ....could be in jail if I get caught robbing the bank to pay for truck repairs!! Mark
  12. Jack,' I was afraid you'd say that..... Mark
  13. Great suggestion...still need to figure out how to attach to the frame and clear the ramp boxes on the lower end....
  14. I did some research on older threads on adding a receiver but nothing that fit my predicament. And yes I know, should thought about adding one BEFORE the bed....oh well. Any experts out there have a suggestion on if I could add one with my configuration and not lose my current light panel? Mark [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/AizKzJRl.jpg[/IMG]
  15. Another year and we can't make it to the Rally....Chad you do such a great job on hosting this growing event - thanks.. I just looked at your awesome website - great job!..... Mark
  16. In case anyone else has this problem - yup it was McAfee - had to go in and "allow" this site..... Thanks to all for checking this out for me.... Mark
  17. Thanks for checking....it must be something in my firewall....
  18. COFLTravler

    Resource Guide

    I've been trying to look at the Resource Guide for a couple of days now and can't open it. It may be my security software (but have looked at it many times before). Was wondering if anyone else can access it, if so I will continue to figure out why I can't....campgrounds work okay... Thanks Mark
  19. Well done, it's awesome.......make sure you post a pic when all covered in paint... Mark
  20. So I'll ask the group again - has anyone even had this window out? Trying to figure out if this is something I can do myself. Thanks Mark
  21. What did you end up doing? I have the same problem on my 2014 - I see used ones for sale from the scrap yards but what are the odds of the seal being cracked.... Mark
  22. 1. Use it often 2. Split between laptop and Android phone Thank You! Mark
  23. Just so you know, when on shore power the invertor is not inverting - it's just "passing through" the shore power to just the items that are connected to the invertor. All other AC components are direct from your AC panel when on shore power. When on shore power you should be able to turn the invertor on and off HOWEVER all that does is place the invertor in standby so if you lose AC power it will invert. If the invertor is in the off position, when on shore power and you lose this, the invertor will not invert. With my 15+ years in the RV repair business I am guessing sitting here at my computer, your unit is starting to fail and eventually will. But until then I would not necessarily replace. When the time does come you can either purchase a new one or a manufacturer rebuilt for considerably less.....my 2 cents worth.... Mark
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