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Real ID Drivers License & Escapees Mail Forwarding

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A topic on another forum brought up the new requirement for the "Real ID" drivers licenses.  Specifically the need for a "real" address.  Any info on the Escapees address being accepted in order to get the "Real ID" drivers license?  I know Texas isn't to the point of issuing Real ID drivers licenses yet.  However according to the info below South Dakota is.  


A new complication for fulltimers' domiciles is the federal government's Real ID program.  If you want to continue using a drivers license as an ID to get onto an airplane or into a military base or federal facility, it will have to be a Real ID license.

Real ID Act compliant states may issue compliant or non-compliant drivers licenses, but starting January 22 drivers licenses issued by them will have to be a Real ID license to be accepted as a federal ID.

About half of the states are non-compliant, they have waivers to allow their licenses to be accepted as ID until October 1, 2020.

The problem for fulltimers is that in order to get a Real ID license, you have to present at least two documents showing you actually reside at the address you're using to apply for the license.   These include things like a lease, utility bill, bank statement, employment paycheck, etc. with that address.

I'm in the process of moving to Nevada, a compliant state, and it looks like my having a home base in the Pahrump SKP co-op will qualify for the Real ID residency requirement.

Colorado and South Dakota are also compliant states, which means after January 22 you'll have to have an actual physical residence to get a Real ID license, not just a mail forwarding address or an overnight stop in South Dakota.



A link to government info about "Real ID":  https://www.dhs.gov/real-id

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We've had Real ID compliant drivers licenses at our Americas Mailbox address since 2012, and just renewed them last year, and our address is the box number at our Americas Mailbox address.  Not sure if any of the other states will be different, but in South Dakota, the mail forwarding addresses must still work.

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We've had our NY mail forwarding address on our NY Enhanced (Real ID and WHTI compliant) drivers licenses since they were issued 8 years ago. An "Enhanced" license is valid in lieu of a passport for surface travel to/from Canada and Mexico. Only 5 states and 4 provinces currently offer Enhanced licenses.

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