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Picked up my new Winnebago Micro Minnie Wednesday - Need advice


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Hello Everyone.  This is my first post.  I am starting a new chapter in my life and decided to take a break for a year from working full-time and explore some new hobbies.  Those new hobbies are Kayak Fishing mainly on the Texas Coast and RVing.  Both which I am brand new at doing and to be honest, a bit overwhelmed  trying to figure how to start but at the same time find it fun and challenging.  I just don't want to make any mistakes that may be costly financially or my safety/well being and that of my family.  On the RV front,  after much research I decided to buy a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH.  This one is the brand new 2018 model with 2 bunk beds, slide out 4 person dinette and queen bed.   According to the RV Dealer his Winnebago rep told him I am the first person in the USA to receive this model.  This will be towed by my F-150 Pick Up truck and it handles towing fine as my truck is rated at 9,200lbs tow capacity.  The trailer is about 3,800lbs.  My towing experience is from the dealership 50 miles away and towing around town to get used to towing.  

To get to my questions I am looking for Advice on joining an RV Club.  I am looking hard at Escapees.  Also looking for any advice on a first time RV trip in or around south Texas as I live in San Antonio and don't want to travel more than 3 hours for the first trip which I plan on taking with my Wife and 7 year old daughter the first week in January.  Also one final question, what are the basic supplies should I bring on a 1 week RV Trip?  So much to learn.  

Thank you.



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Red Raider, welcome to the forumsAs you probably  know south Texas was hammered hard by hurricane Harvey and many RV parks were severely damaged or destroyed. If you expect to come here in January you need to be booking a spot now.  Some parks are back up and running and they are filling up fast.  Kayak fishing has been fairly good down here right now with some nice trout and redfish being caught.  As the waters cool off the fishing will slow down some but people will fish all winter down here.  Look for parks along or near the Laguna Madra or Intercoastal waterway from the Corpus Christi area over to Galveston.  From Rockport to Houston was the region of heaviest damage so spots may be hard to find in those areas. Check out Texascoastalbendfishing.com for some tips on kayak fishing in the area, Best Wishes, Jay

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Thanks Grumpydoc. I appreciate your reply and advice.  I was thinking of the coast.  I was looking at maybe Majestic Oaks RV Park outside of Rockport. They had openings last time I checked.  Very sad situation with the impact on the coast.  I was in Rockport for a week this summer with my family and went Kayak Fishing with my older daughter with a guide.  

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That looks like a very livable trailer but has little storage. Here's some things I would do in it. Bring few clothes and put them in duffle bags that you can throw into the unused bunk. Use boxes or plastic storage bins to store other things in that bed. Precook a lot of your food and store it in the fridge/freezer. Bring games you can play at the table when the weather is not cooperating--we carry a qt ziplock with 2 decks of cards, 6 dice, and a small pad of paper and pencil with which we can play a wide variety of games. Put an extra rod inside your shower to hang wet things. Hang a shoe bag (https://www.amazon.com/Misslo-Organizer-Large-Pockets-White/dp/B01N2JICUM/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1509908513&sr=8-10&keywords=shoe+bags+for+storage) cut to fit at the end of the counter by the door to hold keys, sunglasses, hats, etc. Get knife safes for your sharps so you can throw then in anywhere. Use 3M Command strips for anything you want to hang on your walls and that shoe bag.

That should get you started. :)

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Looks great! However, the tow setup does not appear to be level? Or perhaps my old eyes are wacky. Enjoy!

Safe Travels!

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Welcome to the Escapee forums!  We are happy to have you with us and are ready to help.

6 hours ago, RedRaider89 said:

Both which I am brand new at doing and to be honest, a bit overwhelmed  trying to figure how to start but at the same time find it fun and challenging.

I'm not sure when you are planning to make your break, but my suggestion is to join the Escapee's RV Club and become a part of their X-scapers group, which has many young families.  Since you live in San Antonio it won't even require a change of state to make the mail server your legal address and Polk Co. They also have RV parks around the country as well as discount parks. You also may want to consider attending the Escapade to be held in Sedalia, MO next may and even to attend RV Boot Camp while there.  Escapade even has things for the kids!

For that first trip, I suggest that you go farther south to the Rio Grande Valley area as it was not impacted by Harvey and it has much to do for winter visitors if going out soon.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Thanks for all the replies! sandsys love the shoe organizer idea.  Thank you.  rm.w/aview thanks for the backing up idea.  StarDreamer my trailer is not attached and the photo was on a sloping driveway.   Kirk Wood thanks for the advice.  I am strongly considering joining as a paying member and will look into the X-scapers.  

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