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  1. We decided to skip Yuma and stay in Picacho, AZ at a KOA instead.
  2. I am having a heck of a time finding an RV Park that is decent (or at all) that will accept people under 55, that allow children and pets. My wife and I under 55, our child is 8 and we have a 35lb dog. Please help with recommendations. Don't have to be in Yuma just withing 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. I used a bottle jack to lift each side and put jack stands on the frame on each side just behind the rear tandem wheel. I did not take the wheels all the way off the ground just enough to take about 80% of the weight off the tires/suspension. That seems to work fine for me.
  4. Thanks Kirk W. It is stored on a concrete floor but in a completely covered enclosed metal barn. I had a valve stem go out on me and one of the tires deflated. It is a tandem trailer so I did put a jack stand under the axle to support the weight on the deflated tire which I plan on taking in to get repaired this weekend.
  5. First off Sorry if this is a repeat question. However the search capability is lacking on this forum and I could not get information on my specific question. I wanted to get opinions and direction if others raise their Travel trailer off the ground on blocks on jackstands for long term storage. Is this needed? We normally use our Travel Trailer once or twice a year so it sets from 6 to 9 months sometimes. I keep it in an enclosed barn so it is protected.
  6. Thanks Hill_Country. I agree with the 90 route. Did that last year to Ft Davis.
  7. I really appreciate everyone's replies and advice! This is what we are thinking now as major stops. From San Antonio to Davis Mountains State Park for 4 nights - Already booked and we are staying in the park with full hookups From Davis Mountains State Park to Las Cruces, New Mexico for 3 to 4 nights - Would love some suggestions for a RV park with full hook ups From Las Cruces to Tuscon, Arizona area to state 2 to 4 nights - Would love suggestions for an RV Park wit Full Hook Ups From Tucson to San Diego. Would like to stay at an RV Park as close to Hotel Del Coronado
  8. Thanks 2Gypies and good to hear from you. You helped us out alot last year during our trip. We are traveling starting June 10th.
  9. Kirk W, we are planning on 25-30 days round trip. The plan is to stay 4 to 5 nights in San Diego. We did Carlsbad last year.
  10. Hello Escapees, It has been awhile since I have posted as I have been very busy working full-time during my semi-retirement. However I plan on blocking out the summer for a family RV trip. We are leaving from San Antonio, TX with final destination San Diego. Ideal total time travel and stay 25 to 30 days. Our first stop out of San Antonio will be Davis Mountain's state park where we plan on staying for 4 nights (did this last year). From there I would really appreciate some ideas where to stop next until our final destination in San Diego. I would prefer to keep our daily d
  11. BigJim and Al F thanks again for the recommendation on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad. It was a great experience and my 7 year old daughter had the time of her life (not to mention my wife who said it was better than our Maui vacation a few years ago). I really appreciate the both of you.
  12. We visited Taos Pueblo for their San Juan Feast Day Sunday, June 24th. Being that there a no information on start times for the feast anywhere and when you called the Pueblo you get an answering machine we decided to get there when they opened at 8:30am. We found out once we arrived that the festivities would start sometime between 1pm and 3pm or "Indian Time" as we were told. We went on the 9am tour and it was informative. I learned that less that "10 people" actually live full time in the pueblo. Others come in to sell local crafts and food but don't live there. After visiting some
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I think we are leaning towards Taos Pueblo for our visit.
  14. We are in Santa Fe, New Mexico and wanted to visit a Pueblo. Any thoughts on the best to visit to learn culture ect.? Thanks
  15. Thanks, it was interesting to see how the entire landscape of this area has changed due to the fracking boom. Last time I went through Pecos was over 20 years ago and wow how it has changed. I will avoid this route next time.
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