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What "IS" a Rally

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I'm new to the idea of rv camping. We are going to purchase our first 5r within the next few months. I've been to Star Parties, conventions and festivals but never a Rally. I did drop in on a Grand Designs Texas Rally on Saturday between 1 & 2 pm. I counted ~90 Grand Design rvs and stopped by the Holiday World display to chat with Floyd. I only counted four trailers with folks sitting around their 5rs. The big indoor center was having some folks set up inside for a huge wedding reception that night. What goes on at a Rally? This one was very quiet.

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The dictionary definition is  "A gathering of friends". Naturally this could mean a small gathering of friends or a HUGE gathering of friends. Most friends have a common interest that brought the together. That could be anything from a liking for a particular brand of tea to a liking for a particular lifestyle.

Some rallies are just a place to camp with these friends so you can sit around a campfire and talk about your common interest. Others are highly organized events with things going on at all times of the day, vendors who specialize in things for your interest and even people selling complete multi million dollar "Things" that you may be interested in.

So what kind of thing might YOU be interested in? Do you like crowds? Are you looking to buy things? Are you interested in sitting thru seminars to learn more about your interests?

Most rallies have a schedule of events. Most rallies have websites that you can use to view the previous events. From those you can find if it might be something that interests you.

We like small, non commercial events (Usually SKP's Chapter events) where we sit around and just chat. Maybe we'll go eat dinner somewhere locally. Then we'll go our own way.

Even as strangers the first time we'll be welcomed and introduced to everyone so that at the end of the weekend/week we'll know 3 or 4 other couples fairly well and several more enough to be comfortable next time we meet. After going to the same event for a couple of years we'll feel like we're with old friends even though we don't know everyone that well.

You don't have to be anyone except yourself to be accepted at a small rally and we like it that way.


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Ralley is a pretty generic word but most of them have seminars and entertainment of some type, depending upon the size and who is hosting it. Each year the Escapees RV Club hosts one that we call Escapade and the next one is to be held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO, May 27 - June 1 of 2018. 

Escapades have activities such that one has to pick and choose what they wish to attend as there are usually seminars on different subjects going on at the same times. Seminars range from RV maintenance, RV travel, hobbies, crafts, safety, and just about anything that you can think of that is in anyway related to RV living. In the evenings there is entertainment and social gatherings and much impromptu activity in the campgrounds. 

You can see a list of events from the 2017 Escapade at this link.  Escapee rallies typically have between 500 & 1000 RVs while someone like FMCA or Good Sam might have two or three times that many. But there are also much smaller rallies as well, sometimes by local club chapters with only a few or smaller clubs with 50 to 100. It is a term that is rather like the word resort for an RV park. What it means just depends on who is saying it. 

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We belong to a small RV group that has a Rally every month or so in the winter. It may be only five or fifteen rigs. We chat, eat and usually have some special event. We're hosting a Rally this week where we will tour the Mata Ortiz village in MX but stay at Dream Catchers Escapees park in Deming, NM. A Rally is simply a group of like minded RVers getting together...five rigs or five hundred or a thousand.

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