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Last New Camper for us

NTPA Announcer

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On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 0:30 PM, NTPA Announcer said:

We are in the beginning process of trading campers. Budget at around 50-60k . I know there's a lot of companies out there, but who do I really look at and who do I really stay away from ?

Annnnndddddd .....GO !!

Hi Denver,

I wish you and Mrs. Judy the best of luck in finding a newer trailer.


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On 7/21/2017 at 11:30 AM, NTPA Announcer said:

 Budget at around 50-60k .

It that new price or Trading difference?

Remember the new RV's should be deeply discounted and when the dealers sells yours it will be deeply discounted. 

What to look for is, Everything is as you want it (Changes, additions, and or warranty work) before you sign any papers as warranty work comes slow but before the signature gets done fast. If the sales person is pushie find another dealer or at least another salesperson.



Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

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NTPA Announcer   When looking for a new unit be sure to look under the unit and check your running gear. I have a 2017 43' Mesa Ridge and they are going to replace the springs because they are starting to sag to the negative. Are your axles really able to stand up to the beating they are going to take? How heavy are the springs? I took pictures of the springs and took them to my dealer who sent them to the mfg. I got a call from the dealer 2 days later telling us the mfg would replace them. I figured it would take a lot of brow beating and a long tine before anything would happen but maybe I was wrong. The second line of thought is maybe they knew there was a problem. I put 17.5 16 ply tires under it because they only put the min tire they can get away with. Shocks? They don't install shocks anymore. Could that be the reason it bounces some? I've had brackets water jetted so I can mount shocks on it. I've got Monroes in my shop waiting for this spring issue to be taken care of. All shackles and bolts are the min with no ability to grease them so I ordered and received the wet bolt kit from MORryde to go with their 4000 suspension upgrade. We leave in Sept for a 5600 mile 2 month out west trip from Va and I hope that everything I'm doing will reduce any chance of running gear problems. I could tell you about a 2015 43' Mesa Ridge that I totaled last year on July 8th that showed no real external damage except for a noticeable list to the right brought on by the running gear bending but it didn't break The inside was tore up and the slides were out of alignment and interior walls were separated. The insurance company totaled it and replaced it for the $250 deductible with a new 2017. And make sure your insurance is new replace.  So after all this rambling just be sure you are getting all that you can for what you are about to spend!!     Pat



The Old Sailor 

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Hello Denver, I hope all has been going well since we last saw you guys at the ECR.

The search for a new fifth wheel is a tough one if you want a new one because no matter what the name says it is still built from all the same parts as all the rest. My thoughts head in the direction of a well built older unit for $30-40 and upgrade it. Newmar will pretty much completely redo one of their "air" units mountain, country or London air for about $20-25 not counting floor coverings, for some reason they charge a lot for them. I have also seen some really nice Royal International for sale lately. The Newmars have such great suspensions under them I find them hard to beat. They ether have the Morryde IS tandem duals are twin 12k Dexters with duals. We have had both and have had no trouble with ether one. Both our units have been the 2005 Mountain Aires which was the last year they built them and both had not been towed but a few times and appeared new on the inside and the cost for them was $32,000 and $35,000 and other then personal upgrades and one ac they both have been great units. Our son has our first one and the second was the one at the rally. The one at the rally has about 24,000 miles being towed just this year with zero problems, not something you can do with a 2017 model.

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