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Tossed the old CRT TV for a new media center


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Hi Everyone,


I tossed out the old TV and reworked the big open hole in the cabinetry. I now have a nice 40" smart TV, Windows 10 computer and gaming system for the grand-kids. About two hours actual time start to finish.


This is the original cabinet:



I pulled the old TV and took off the cabinet frame. I put 1/2" ply on the back of the frame and painted the front black. I then added a solid TV wall mount. I put two extra screws in the top of the mount just in case.



Then I put two 12" piano hinges so I could open and close the door. I have a brass catch on the right side that locks it closed and I put in two dowel pins for a snug fit.





I then installed a Windows 10 computer with a DVD drive. I modified the case to include a shock absorbent drive and screwed the computer to the base. I bought a wireless keypad/mouse.



Next I put in an ABC switch so I can easily switch from my King Dome satellite dish, to the park cable, or my 50 mile digital antenna. The feed is split out to the rear bedroom as well with a booster.



This is the final result. I have wireless computing, TV, DVD and a Sega wireless game system for the kids.





Total time, about two or three hours. Total cost, $35.

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Then , you may be good to go .

Still , I'd check it once in a while just to be sure .


We had components that I thought didn't produce heat , so I left that cabinet closed . That was until one evening I wanted to change settings and was surprised at the amount of heat that was built up . Now , I leave the door open when there is power to that cabinet as there isn't a decent way to vent otherwise .

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