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New Ford hybrid PU to be worksite generator

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2018 the F150 is coming out with the V6 twin turbo diesel option (The 2018 Expedition is rumored to get it to, and for sure it will get the Coors Light Aluminum diet too!). Based upon the same 3.3 used in the rover. HP and Torque numbers have not been firmed up in the F150 application (That I could find?). And it is supposed to be matched with the 10 Spd Auto (I think that is the joint Ford/GM transmission?). Some questions on if they are also changing the trailering geometry to match the F250/250 Super Duty - which would provide more stable and capable 1/2 ton appropriate towing. And yes, the 'Super Duty' like looks too.


For those who run with trailers or campers that are 1/2 ton appropriate, this could be worth waiting and seeing. Suspect it will still offer the Extended Cab and 8' bed option.


What I have also not found out, and looking forward to pinning down, is if the new 10 spd auto and 4X4 combo, will still be 4 Down Towable. (I'm interested in the 1/2 Ton Ext Cab with 8' bed and shell for our replacement toad in the future.) In 'toad' duty, I'd really have to check the 2018 packages carefully to determine if the diesel is warranted over the Eco Boost engine. Weight of the vehicle will be one of my primary decisions point, and I believe the 2.7 Eco Boost option should be lighter then the diesel option. But if it is close, I still might consider the diesel. So a wait and see for us. And as we had planned on buying in 2018, a used 2016/2017 F150, I will also need to wait and see how the 10 spd works out.


And finally, I've also not ruled out the 2018 Expedition XT (Think that is what they call the stretched unit.) We want to carry more cargo while out for longer period of time. I know the 8' F150 will do us well on the cargo front. But want to also see how the Expedition might work with a slide out tray, especially with the second seat split down, cargo capacity wise. (We always take our dog with us, and she likes to sit on the floor behind front seat, using her body mass to keep us from tipping over:)! thus we would keep one sides of the rear seat up all the time.).


All of this is 'today thinking' and things have a habit of changing:)!


Best to all, and thanks for sharing the thread on the power capability!


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