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I want to share an "experience" I had recently, to alert other RVers to what can happen when you are "out on the road".


In October, I was traveling through Utah and stopped at a Flying J in Scipio, UT for fuel. I pulled into their facility and stopped in front of their tire shop (G&G Service) waiting for an open spot at the pumps. A young man ran out of the tire shop and told me that I had a bad tire on the 5th wheel; he showed me which tire it was and said it was showing signs of "tread separation" as I pulled up. He said it was unsafe to drive with that tire, and offered to put on my spare. I could not see what he was talking about on the tire, but thought he probably knew more about tires that I did, so I agreed to have the spare put on.

I pulled around to their service area and he jacked up my RV and pulled off the tire in question. Then, another man came over and looked at the other 3 tires and said that another tire was equally bad. and emphasized that it was not safe to run those tires any further; he made it sound pretty bad! He pointed out the tires were 5 years old (which I knew) and even though they had lots of tread left, they had "deteriorated" and were coming apart. He said he had "the best trailer tire" on sale then and could put me on a new set right away. The tires were: Gladiator QR 35TR ST-235/85 R16, 12 ply; the tire listed at $400 and he had them on sale for ONLY $350! That price seemed pretty high to me, but they looked like a strong heavy-duty tire and I was quite concerned based on what he was telling me. I had planned on getting new tires soon, but had not priced any yet, so I didn't know what was a reasonable price. So, I told him to put on a set of 4 new tires: total = $1503.


After we got to our destination, I looked up some information on that tire, and found that was rated pretty good as a heavy duty trailer tire. However, I found several places that I could buy the tire for $150 - $200. I felt that I had been "railroaded" and taken advantage of by that tire shop, and had paid about double what those tires should have cost!


After a few days of stewing about it, I emailed the "manager" of that company (he was listed on the invoice) and told him what happened and said that I felt I had paid way too much for those tires and asked for a partial refund. Much to my surprise, about a week later he emailed me back and said he would send me a check for $800! And in a few days I got the check!


So, I feel like I came out OK on the tires and think they are pretty good tires, but was upset about the high-pressure sales tactics that the tire shop guys used. So, beware when you're out on the road and might need service.

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I experienced a similar situation near Kingston, AZ on my way home to VA from LV. I basically thanked the gentleman for being concerned, and then drove away.


2016 Heartland Landmark Newport 365 w/MoRryde IS and 8k PSI disc brakes

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Just think of how many others were scammed similarly. Let the buyer beware. Do your homework and trust your gut. Even if NO refund had come, perhaps the peace of mind that came with the new tires would have been enough value for the upcharge. Each of us has our own standards to live by.


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I can give you an honest review on those tires. I looked for quite a while for a set of 6 for my triple axle enclosed trailer and settled on the Gladiator QR 35TR ST-235/85 R16, 12 ply. First trip was 1500 miles. No problems at all. Have had them for a couple of years now and not one issue. I am happy with them. I will put the LR G, 14 ply on our 5th wheel this spring as the tires have aged out. Glad to hear you got some money back.

2007 Volvo VNL 780 "Vlad"

2008 Dutchmen Grand Junction 34QRL

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