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Looking into becoming a 5er


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Looking into becoming a 5er. I could use some help.

Looking into a 25-30’ unit would like feedback on manufacturers to consider.

Would like to get information what size truck, makes, and models.

These are just to start with. I am new to the forum and will be retiring soon and my wife and I would like to travel and visit family from time to time.

Thanks for any help you can be.

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First of all, Welcome!! You will get lots of good info here! With the size trailers you are looking at you will probably only need a 250/2500. Do you think you may get a larger trailer in the future? How far into the future? Then you may want to consider a 350/3500 and possibly a dually. It is less expensive to get the better equipment the first time. Who knows, you may even like the lifestyle enough to get an HDT!!


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my wife and I would like to travel and visit family from time to time.


With that statement, my question is the travels during weather extremes either northern areas in the winter or desert areas in the summer. The amount of insulation or numbers of air conditioners the RV is equiped with is the question. Then there are many rating, like a zero rating, maybe heating the heats the total underbelly or uses ducts to reduce heat loss.


Welcome to the forum and search some of the Begining RV Post



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There are different levels of quality and they are reflected by price, mostly. Some are for full timing

and some are occasional use only. If I were you, I would determine how you will use the fiver and then

set a budget and look and look and look some more. It is great that we have the internet! Good luck

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First, there is no such thing as too much truck. Buy the largest truck that you can afford. In the future, you both may want something larger and a 3/4 may not be enough.
Second, if you are buying used, most of the bugs will be worked out. Find the floor plan that you both like the best. That is what we did. We went to look at one 5th wheel, ended up finding a floor plan we liked better and bought it. Good luck with your search.

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Sinbad nailed it. There is no such thing as too much truck. We started out with a dodge 2500 CTD. Best truck I have ever owned but after spending several thousand $$ adding components to beef up the towing stability we sold it and upgraded to a Dodge dually. Much better tow vehicle but a horrible buckboard ride. We now have a Volvo 730 and it is the best thing we have done. Barely know the trailer is back there!


When we first started looking at trailers, a salesman told me "nobody buys just one" I laughed and thought he doesn't know how much work I have put into my research. Upgraded after 2 years and currently looking for another manufacturer who builds units of higher quality/durability. Another (wise) RVer told me "all trailers are pieces of crap, the upper end ones just less so" This industry is designed to crank out trailers mass production and when you can cut a few cents or dollars off each unit and that is multiplied by several zeros you can save big money. If you have the time take a tour of the manufacturing facilities it will open your eyes and help you understand how they are built and why they might fall apart. Showroom floor is NOT the place to do this. Look for the highest quality unit you can afford and make sure it is well insulated!


Lots of folks here have been in your shoes. Keep asking questions and process the answers to determine what might work for you. It is a fabulous journey.

Circ & Cindi Toepel


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Would also suggest the RV consumers group guides to help assess the quality of the various brands. DO NOT judge an RV by the floor plan. Manufacturers know that most consumers get taken by the wow factor when they walk in to the unit and few look under the unit to see the "bones". The first thing you should look at is the frame. IMHO An 8 or 10" I beam is not at all adequate for a quality trailer. The best frames are built with box section frame rails or a combination of box section and 10 or 12" I beams. The next thing to look at is the CargoCarryingCapacity which is the GVWR minus what the trailer weighs. That should be listed on a label somewhere. Anything under say 1500 lbs should be disqualified and 2000 lbs or more is what I would consider adequate. You will not be able to find true "quality" in any trailer unless you are able to invest upwards of 100,000 for a new unit. That being said there are probably several used units that would serve your purposes especially if you're handy and can keep up with needed maintenance and repairs.

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