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Connecting electric cord to neighbors rv

maggie blair

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It will not hurt either system.

plugging into a regular outlet on the side of your neighbor's RV, it will only support 15 amps.


Dead on. Without knowing what size of generator your neighbor is running.. even though his rig may be 50amp.. that doesn't mean his generator is capable of putting out a full 50amps. Ie., you might only be sharing 30amps or less so I wouldn't run anything that I didn't have to while connected (water pump, fans, etc.) and would disconnect once your batteries are topped off just to be a good neighbor.


I know you don't really use much juice anyway so it shouldn't be an issue.

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Easiest way in my mind to do it would to just plug in your charger or converter. You will then only be charging the batteries and wouldn't have power to the other A/C current devices you may have in your camper. No risk of accidentally turning on the microwave or coffee pot at the exact wrong moment. I have that ability, you may not.



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I'd do it as Rod suggested....plug just your converter into the neighbor, if you can. If you have a converter integrated into your loadcenter you will not be able to do it this way, though. Many converters are wired such that they plug into a standard electric outlet, and these can be plugged directly into any electric source (like your neighbor). In your rig you likely have the combination, and that is hardwired into your system. But for others that encounter this issue, plugging JUST the converter into the neighbor (or into a garage 15 amp outlet) and just letting it charge the battery bank is a viable way to boondock, or moochdock (driveway boondock). You then run the necessary house systems off the inverter, and the converter charges the battery bank.


In your case, That will likely not be an option, but plugging in will not hurt your neighbor....follow the advice above. If you draw too much then HIS breaker will flip.

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