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I need help to upgrade my phone on Verizon unlimited data without losing plan


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I need to upgrade my broken smartphone on my verizon grandfathered unlimited plan. I need your suggestions to minimize losing the plan, even though it is so expensive ($200+)

I have a 2-line Nationwide Plus Canada- 1400 minutes. I have been out-of-contract for several years, and both phones are “eligible for upgrade”.

Line 1 - basic phone (LG-Touch) - Data - 75MB - Minutes- 1400 (shared)

Line 2 - smartphone (LGG2-broken) - Data - unlimited

250 Messages for each line.


I purchased a new verizon LGG3 online from 3rd party swappa and expect it to arrive today. It is coming without a SIM card.


Should I go to a corporate office? Or an authorized dealer? Or get a SIM from one of them and activate online? Or what?

Thanks. Rob

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Take your sim card out of the LG G2 and put it in the Lg G3. If the sim cards are a different size you will need to either get a sim card adapter if the old one is too small, or cut down the sim card if the old one is too big. You can find instructions on the net on how to cut down the card.

The new phone should boot up just fine with any previously activated sim card, and i would not bother going to a store or even with letting them know what you are doing.

Edit*** Google says the G2 and G3 use the same size sim card (micro sim), so it should be a direct swap.

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You can go to the store and have them swap the phones on your line. You will not lose your plan. They will try to get you to upgrade to a new phone through them but it will be at full retail price over 2 years. Just say no, I need this one activated on this line. No problem.

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was in walmart other day, they now offer total wireless uses verizon towers. for 2 phones 8gb data, unlimited talk/text $60 plus tax.

One work of caution, if you buy a phone on ebay or online, make sure it's unlocked an also not a pay as you go phone, those phones even tho they on verizon they can't be used for reg plans.

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