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Roof Air AC Service - cleaning evaporator


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In a S&B a good AC service tech will clean the evaporator as part of the routine maintenance. For those of you that have had their RV AC units serviced is this typically part of the service?


How often do you typically have your units serviced (assuming no problems)?


We have the Dometic LoPro units.


Thank You for your help!


Gene & Lisa (and Abby)

2014 Chevy 3500 D/A 4x4 Dually

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That's something I do myself (sorry, not sure what a professional shop does, surely they clean the evaporator??? TELL THEM TO) at least once a year up on the rooftop, maybe more often if I were in extreme dusty locations. A screwdriver and my air blow gun is about all the tools ever needed. If the fan has provision for oiling I do that, but don't overdue it. I usually use my air hose blow gun gently so as NOT to bend any fins and once at a buddys who was an AC tech he used some sort of mild commercial spray cleaner/solvent and then blew it dry, maybe some of the gents can tell us what that cleaning solution was????


John T

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There is a product called "Coil Cleaner" or something like that. Lowes / Home Depot sell it. Its a spray can- It helps loosen embedded dirt from between the coils, then what I do is rinse with a water hose.... careful not to get any electronics wet.

Alie & Jim + 8 paws

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Lots of info posted on cleaning the roof a/c. I don't think it is a normal item (cleaning the evap coil) for RV roof maintenance. Also there is no guarantee they will or have actually done the work. At a S&B you can periodically look in on the process to see that they are actually doing the work. I read all of the horror stories of how dirty the coil might be so I got everything ready to do it myself. After 9 years I figured it was due. After opening up the units (2 dometic units) I found the coil to be quite clean. But I went through the cleaning process anyway. Not too difficult and your operating environments and situations may have been much different than mine and may require it.

Google search for "cleaning rv roof air evaporator coils"

good luck

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I cleaned mine this year when I replaced the shell (brittle from UV after 10 years). After 10 years it was dusty inside but the coils were clean.


My conclusion was that the rooftop ACs are a lot less likely to get crud in them than ones sitting at ground level.


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