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The new Microsoft - Apple Ads Remind Me Of Their Classics


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This is not a dig but I found it to be funny, and with roles reversed. Before they had the biz only businessman as boring old enterprise Windows. While Apple was portrayed as the hip creative guy. OK there are two video ads in it, neither auto plays for the bandwidth challenged, so you can click on it to read.




"The ad battle between Apple and Microsoft is back


One of the most famous advertising battles is back.


After a few years of truce, Apple and Microsoft are back to advertising war, this time over the vital question of what exactly is a computer.


In its most recent ad campaign that began earlier this month, Apple began running an ad on TV and online for the iPad Pro, trying to explain that while not traditional, the professionally-geared iPad is the next step in computing. The spot highlighted the iPad Pro's new keyboard and the iPad's ability to run Office apps like PowerPoint and Word as well as write on the screen, iMessage a friend and watch a Netflix video.


Microsoft seems to have taken exception to that. On Tuesday, the Windows-maker released its own response, poking fun at Apple's ad. Using its Cortana voice assistant, Microsoft compares the iPad Pro to its laptop-tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro 4, noting how the Surface runs the "full Office," not just the app, has ports, an Intel processor and, of course, has a keyboard and trackpad.


Both ads are clever and hearken back to the companies' bitter rivalry from the past decade that started with Apple's famous "I'm a Mac" ads and continued with Microsoft's "I'm a PC" response."


The ads and the article can be found here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2016/08/16/ad-battle-between-apple-and-microsoft-back/88825456/



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Those are great ads. Microsoft actually has the superior product this time. It is quite interesting that they had the vision and stamina to bring and keep the Surface on the market. It is just now getting the recognition it deserves.


Both of them are very expensive, IMO. If the Surface came with a keyboard I'd likely stretch my dollars and buy one. For the form factor, it is the "top of the heap".

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The guy I bought mine from has the same Surface Pro 3 gently used with i5, 128GB SSD, and 4GB RAM, and the Pro 3 typecover for it like new as he never used it. He just called me and said he is selling it all for $500.00 He has the original box and packaging I believe. If you really want one, email me, I'll put you in touch.


The heat I complained about and the less than stellar battery run time were completely eliminated by a firmware update a couple of weeks ago. Now it runs a couple of nights of light use and still has half a battery left! Awesome!


I also just got this in from Gearbest for $214.89:



It is a Surface Pro Chinese knock-off right down to the kickstand and the MIcro SD slot under it. Atom Z 8300 quad core so should zip along, with the 4 GB of RAM and 64 bit Windows. Includes the typecover too. I have ordered a tablet from them and it was everything they said and more. This a brand I have not tried yet. I know Voyo and Onda tablets. Both were much better than I expected for the money.

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it is Windows only and that is no issue for English. Where there is a bind are the dual boot Android/Windows systems. The Android stayed Chinese and took some work. The Windows side behaved from the start.


If you want it get it as they are almost sold out. 23 left. Last time I posted a one day offer here, several days later there was a post complaining that the price was higher! Dpon't let me sway you though. I took the plunge with that Voyo mini PC and it turned out to be a better deal at $97 than the over 300 buck NUCs. I like that is has the full HD screen and is a pretty good MS Surface Pro knock off in looks.


To be honest, If I did not have more than a few systems I need to sell, I would have tried that as a replacement for my Surface Pro. But that was before the Pro got that last firmware update that eliminated all the heating and battery issues overnight. Now I am no longer pining for a Surface 3. I think the high end quad core Atom SoCs beat the i3/5/7 dual core processors for snappy feel when doing just the usual normal user surfing and mail and picture editing. I don't do video editing so not an issue for me.

;) Decisions decisions. :rolleyes:

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