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VA makes another pledge


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Thanks for these links. Ron served in a Helicopter squadrton on the USS Sacramento. Diagnosed with Parkinson's we have no idea how to start the search to prove he was exposed. If the VA can give benefits to a current Air Force Reserve Unit because they work on old planes used in VN then I don't understand why they can't do it for anyone exposed to aircraft ( flying in them or working on them, in which case Ron did both)

He has no way to prove he put his feet on ships while very reping that are on the list multiple?e times

I'm sure he will die of this disease without ever seeing a dime

And let's not even go into our son's rare immune disease that resulted in a Kidney Transplant at age 25

We will go to the links as fill out the surveys. I'm dumb struck that most Vets dontbknow about these surveys

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Many vets have given up hope, look at the suicide numbers (below) and consider the deaths following the vet just giving up fighting the VA (see the VA scandal topics here) and staying home to die.


The latest of several suicide studies:



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