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Non CDL Class B license ?


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We are in Kansas and DH had a non CDL Class B license to drive our Powerhouse Coach. When he got his license and did the driving test in our coach, a air brake endorsement was never mentioned. A fellow RVer mentioned the other day he should have one. Of course when you call the DMV you get numerous responses. Can anyone share any insight?

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This is a state by state issue. I can't answer for Kansas, but just as an example CA does not require an air brake endorsement for an RV under 40' long regardless of how it is equipped or how much it weighs. Once you go over 40' in length, the exemption disappears and special licensing and endorsements apply.

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Kansas guy here.


I got a non-commercial class 'A' last year. DL office said that is what I needed for my combination weight (truck, trailer, Jeeps).


As you can see by signature photo we haul our Jeeps around.


I had to do the standard written DL test everyone else does.


No air break test was given, written or hands on in truck.


It was suggested that I bring truck and trailer in and they would go for a ride with me.

Was told it was not mandatory but advisable.


Pre-trip consisted of tester checking out all truck and trailer lights while I signaled.

Short little drive, probably 7-8 miles, 3 right and 6 left turns.

That was about it.

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