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Wifi booster "best"?

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And do they really work. I have a bear usb one for my laptop at motels and it did boost poor signals. I need to set up a router for the other devices, and want more boost. Some have external antennas and router hook ups. Pricy, but "look" good.???




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Your question is a complex one and there are a number of competing devices that can do the job. I suggest you start by reading the wifi section of the Technomadia website; they have a good overview of what's available. After doing that you'll be in a better position to ask specific questions on this forum. Here's the link: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/section/wifi/


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Yes, a quality booster really does work. Our MaxAmp RV Mobile from Maximum signal has gotten us reliable signals and decent data speeds in a number of locations where we had no or a very weak signal previously. Very satisfied with the performance!

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Hey Jack, Wifi boost do work. But, The Distance from where the main Modem/Router is in relation to where The wifi boost would go an the laptop that your going to connect to is. Depends on the walls of the building, There are cheap models that just plug into a electrical outlet. with/without antennas, get the one that has them. Placing close to the main set up is best, but not in same room. I have a customer with same prob. after moving it just 15 feet away from where he had it made a huge difference. Also price of these don't really matter to much. most expensive is not always the best one.

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