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toilet flush mechanism sticks

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hi folks me again the newbie

we had a clog of toilet paper in our toilet, took us about two hours to pull the crap out. to do so we had to shut off the water and hold open the toilet flapper (or whatever its called) to reach down and pull the paper clogging the drain hole. now when we use the pedal flusher lever it sticks open, after many time of pushing the lever up and down it will final shut. Any suggestions to help that lever mechanism work properly again?


Incase your wondering; we have been using the proper toilet paper but I don't think we were allowing enough water to go through to carry the paper through the drain pipe. We are using the proper amount of water now and have had no problems with clogs.



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I believe that you've gotten the flapper out of adjustment. A slight movement of it while it is in the closed position is required. This may need to be repeated a couple of times to get it right. Be sure to clean any deposits from it as well. I've had to perform the same ritual several times over the years. A better design is needed. As always, oRV


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If you pour some vinegar into the toilet and let it sit a few minutes it will dissolve any mineral deposits that may be interfering with the flapper working. When we were going to be away for any length of time we poured mineral oil into the bowl to keep it lubricated--water evaporates; mineral oil does not. The oil also offers a little lubrication to the dump mechanism--not much because it gets diluted by all the water in the tank but a little.


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