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air leak and brake lights


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Hi all,

Yesterday I fired up the truck (2010 vnl 630) and let it warm up and when I shut it off I heard air leaking from under the hood. I have an air line leaking from a valve that is mounted in-board of the steering shaft. It's mounted on a bracket opposite side of the steering shaft from the dash pass through. I'll try to include a pic. I'm wondering if that's my governor valve? The truck builds air and will release brakes but as soon as you shut the truck off you hear a substantial leak. I know I can replace the o-rings and seal the leak but when I exited the truck I noticed that the brake lights were on and would not go off. I had to disconnect the batteries to get them to go out. Does a substantial air leak cause the brake lights to come on? I tried to pull up on the brake pedal to see if it's the switch on the pedal with no luck. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated

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