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  1. Hi All, I have added more pics of the truck on the original Craigslist ad for a total of 24, including interior and engine. The total length of the truck from bumper to hitch is approx. 22ft. Yep, it's a long one but could be shortened for your situation. It's a great driving and towing rig. Thanks, Jerry
  2. Divorce changes travel plans. 2010 Volvo VNL 630. D13 (518K miles) with I-shift automatic and a 2016 Cedar Creek 36 CKTS fifth wheel trailer. The ad can be seen on Craigslist of Cincinnati. with pics https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/rvs/d/titled-as-motorhome-no-cdl/6595463892.html Truck price 29K payoff for trailer of approx. 35K The Craigslist ad includes 24 pics of the truck and trailer, thanks
  3. So here's the update on what I found today. Removed all 3 batteries and had them load tested. Turns out the previous owner had replaced 2 of the three in 2015 but left 1 old battery in place. Turns out the old one had given up the ghost and was dragging down the whole system. I purchased one new battery and gave the remaining two a slow recharge. I'm sure their life span has been severely limited due to it's bad neighbor but I'll have to wait and see. The previous owner or shop or whomever had taken the battery shut-off out of the circuit. They had all the connections going direct to the b
  4. My truck only has three batteries. Should I add a fourth? I pulled the batteries out and I definitely have one bad one. I'm going to replace that one today and see if that changes anything. My battery disconnect doesnt seem to shut anything off. The truck will start regardless of what position the switch is in. I've just been removing the negative cables when it sits to avoid decharging. thanks for all the responses. I'll get to work and let you know how it goes
  5. Yes, MrSeas, it is kinda in play. I thought we had really done our due diligence in explaining and even sending pictures prior to booking the site as to what we were bringing to their park. I understand that every owner has the right to decide what they will accept and had they told me prior to departure, I would gladly move on to somewhere else. When I explained to the owner the conversation with his staff and the pics, he said they had no right to accept my reservation. What????? Isn't that what they do? In the 30 minutes I spent at their resort, I could point out an example of a violati
  6. Hi all. After using the search function and not finding what I need, I'll ask for help. I have a 2010 Volvo 630 VNL. The truck has an aftermarket (hot rod type) battery disconnect that doesn't seem to shut anything off. I would like to have the ability to shut the batteries as the truck sits a lot and runs the batteries down after just a couple days of sitting. The way it sits now the shut-off is in the positive cable but only one cable goes to it and one large positive cable goes to the batteries by-passing the shut off. Could someone peek under their truck and let me know how Volvo does it
  7. Recently had a bad experience in Austin, Texas at Royal Palms RV Resort (The resort part might be an over-statement). I called weeks in advance and explained what I would be driving (a 2010 Volvo 630 with a 2016 Cedar Creek fifth wheel) and included a picture of the rig and trailer. The staffer told me no problem as they currently have a Peterbilt show hauler in the resort. We prepaid for our stay and drove 1200 miles to our reserved spot. Upon arrival, as we were checking in, the owner came in and asked who owned the commercial vehicle pulling the camper, and told us we couldn't stay there
  8. Alan, I'm down in Cincinnati and we get nowhere near your kind of winter weather. Stay warm
  9. Second on the RKI boxes. I just installed a 30 inch box on my 630 and it seems well made. I was considering using some pick up truck spray on bedliner on the bottom and slightly up the sides to give it some stone impact protection and maybe stave off some corrosion. If all goes as planned it won't be subjected to Ohio winters again.
  10. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you are selling. That truck is awesome. Does that also mean you will no longer be designing and building beds and accessories for them? I know I been dragging my feet on getting started. Very best of luck with the new position and hope to see you back on here often.
  11. Thanks for that write up. Just when I thought i had reduced my to do list, I need to crawl under my Cedar Creek too and do the same thing. I'm really interested to see if my shocks are rubbing the tires also. that's disturbing to say the least. Well done, it looks awesome
  12. It was the trolley bar! it was deployed only ever so slightly All i had to do was manually push it up. Thanks to all that responded. Love this forum, always learning something. Thanks for passing on some wisdom
  13. They actually go over to the pass through manifold
  14. Here is the valve with the orange lines going to it
  15. thanks, I'll try that yes, it is a cylindrical valve. That would engage the brake lights if slightly deployed?
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