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5th Wheel Maintenance checklist / schedule


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We're on our 3rd 5th wheel and there is maintenance you need to perform. On the exterior, the roof is very important. Depending on the type of roof it should be cleaned and conditioned twice a year with appropriate cleaner. After cleaning all sealant should be checked, that stuff can shrink and you can easily have a leak. The sides & caps need to be cleaned and waxed regularly. We used to use marine wax but switched to a waterless wash that has UV protectant. We have used Dri Wash n Guard but changed to Wash Wax All several years ago. Easy to use and keeps oxidation at bay.

Tires are very important, watch for sidewall cracking, never keep them for more than 5 years and replace with a quality tire. Check your springs & shackles frequently, also your shocks. If you have an rv frig they recommend you check the back of it and clean any dust or cobwebs.

Jan & Thomas

2012 Drv Mobile Suite 5'r

2012 Ford F350 Super Duty

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Annually repack your wheel bearings. If, after a few years, you see no problems, extend to bi-annually. Of course you also look at the brake shoes and magnets while you are there. Also a good idea to check axle alignment. If you see odd tire wear, you will likely deal with it when you see it, not at a scheduled service.


Constantly look at seam caulking. One day it may be fine, then the next there is a gap. That is what happens when flexing and bouncing down the road.


Monthly or so lube of the awning arms and stairs.


Clean/condition slide seals/wipers every few months.


Check battery water if they are not the sealed type.

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Check out the app store as there is a list of checklists you can use and modify to fit your needs. "RV Checklists"

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