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Found 12 results

  1. We've been reading about the troubles the Heartland owners have had with their Lippert Frames falling apart. So we decided to check out our 2011 Open Range...it has one too!! First, our slide started to fall, no support for the middle of the slide supporting our couch! My DH put 3 rollers in the middle and reinforced the inside with metal. Now we find the nose is separating and we are not sure how to proceed. What have other fulltimers done? We fortunately (or not) have a 2nd RV that we could stay in while this one is fixed, or should we trade this and our other one, a 2007 Keystone Montana for our final 5th wheel? Help!!
  2. Here we have a little how to video! I am by no means a mechanic, Ill show you my process for the "preform maintenance" light on my 2016 RAM 2500 Cummins turbo diesel. In my opinion it's a fairly simple job, with the research and information provided you can do this service yourself. Saving you a large sum of money, between $350.00-750.00. This project took me roughly 35 minutes and that's with filming. The filter costs $54.00 (linked below), please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!
  3. Padraic

    PM cost these days

    Hiatus for almost 7 years. What is the cost or fair price of an engine oil change and lube plus transmission and gears at the Volvo dealer or place like Speedco? Today, I went to my North Virgina neighborhood to scout out three truck shops. The Volvo dealer and the Cummins shop quoted me $140 per hour labor for PM. A one-man mobile place will do it for $100 per hour but not much of a facility except a tall shack at the back of metal recycle yard. The Cummins shop was the least interest to my inquiry, they were not busy but my job may be too small, I asked them how much it cost to inspect the engine and certified the condition. The service young guy told me there is no service like that. He said open up the engine and check the ring and valve cost 45 hours at $140 per hour, that is $5300. The Volvo dealer service rep and the manager were more helpful and willing to give advice after I told him my 1998 truck has been sitting for 6 years except yearly ran around the storage yard. He said if the oil at the dipstick looks OK, I can drive the truck in about 28 miles. So what do you guys opinion on a truck sat for 7 years without any oil change? Should I drive it or tow it to have the "1st" oil change. Looking at the dipstick, it doesn't look too bad. Appreciate your input.
  4. As a senior single woman I am looking to start out Rving lifestyle and I'm not certain if this will be full time as of yet. I am concerned about the length of the motorcoach as I am looking to purchase a diesel used and a little older for the sake of a budget. Is 34/36 length the norm? I was interested in something a little smaller such as 30 ft. because it seems like it would be a little easier to maneuver. Being used of course maintenance is a concern especially when it come to being on the road. Sorry guys but for a woman sometimes this isn't a easy thing to deal with. Any input of course is appreciated, but would certain love to hear from women with the same experiences. Hope not to offend on my first post. lol
  5. We just got back from our first trip with the new TT. Upon hooking up to the RV sites pressurized water system, we noted a rotten egg smell coming from the faucets. There was a lawn sprinkler being fed from that same frost free bib and it had no odor, so I came to the conclusion that the water in the on board tank and left in the lines since we purchased the unit a month or so ago had fouled. The smell went away after a short while of running all the faucets, but we chose not to drink the water until we came back and could run a shock chlorine/clean cycle. My question to the forum is how do you maintain your potable water tank? From what I've gathered on-line, It seems most use the chlorine shock method and do not run that solution through the hot water heater. How frequently do you perform this the chlorine shock of other treatment method? Do you drain the entire system after doing the treatment by opening all the faucets and low point drain? Is there a general rule about how many days water can be in the system and still be safe? I started looking into the options for adding water treatment units (other threads), but haven't yet decided which one I want. But even with one of these, residual, stagnant water in lines and cartridge filters may be susceptible. Thanks
  6. My StarCraft owners manual has no information on what lubricant to use. It is a rack/gear drive and it is bone dry. I'm thinking a very sparse coating of some wheel bearing grease would be appropriate? Do you periodically lubricate your screw or rack drive and, if so, with what?
  7. Brand new RV owner here. Want to keep it operating & looking nice. Share your fifth wheel maintenance checklist / schedule here. Thanks!
  8. Hello friends, ​I try to get on my roof fairly regularly to check out how things are & clean & apply roof protectant. However, after this summer I saw something I had never seen on my roof before. I'm guessing that my roof is of the "rubber" variety. It's about 16 years old & is white. It seems to be scaling & flaking off in some places revealing a blueish - black material underneath. I don't believe it's leaking. I'm attaching a photo of this. ​What do I need to do to repair, prevent & protect my roof? ​Thanks in advance, ​Loxley
  9. I'm doing my research for buying an RV (5er's) and truck in anticipation of hitting the road. However, I'd like to understand how to do basic RV repairs and RV maintenance since I will be spending a lot of time in my RV and will likely doing a lot of boondocking. Can anyone recommend any training courses that they themselves have attended, or have closer personal friends or acquaintances that have been thru the training? If in-person classroom is required, duration and location shouldn't be a problem since I will be retired and can travel to where they are offered. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. My wife and I are brand new RVers and just bought a preowned 2002 Southwind 37U. it had two previous owners and the manuals did not survive the previous owners. Reading through the forums has already confirmed the difficulty of finding detailed manuals for all the installed equipment in one place. I am pretty good at finding specific information via google as long as I can get to some basic identifying information for the equipment. For example: I know the jack system is Power Gear. but how do I find specific model/year info? I found a manual online but it is for a system with at least some differences. I know because the control panel in the manual and the steps to trouble shoot etc refer to indicator lights that are not present on my control panel. Mine has only two lights: panel on and jacks down. So I am trying to determine if there is a problem with the panel or if I am simply missing a step to get it to power on. This is the first use for us, but when we were evaluating it, the previous owner operated pretty much every system for us so we knew they were operational. That was 2 days ago. now the panel won't come on. What would be helpful would be a step by step walk through of what to do before you push the panel "on" button. then, what to check first for trouble shooting. Thanks! Michael
  11. I noticed the other day that the furnace in my fifth wheel was throwing some soot. I checked the combustion air intake and it is clear. Did not see any rust or cracks in the heat exchanger and the CO detector shows no CO inside. We have been sitting at 7000 foot altitude while work camping this summer and I am wondering if the altitude is affecting the combustion. Less oxygen = yellow flame = soot. Or is it possible to get "bad" propane? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  12. We just departed ARG's Coburg facility today after spending almost 2 weeks on warranty checks, fixes and tweaks. A few thoughts: 1) Have an appointment! They are usually booked solid so drop-ins have significant waits. 2) Communicate your problems to them before actually arriving. Helps them on which tech to schedule for the work. 3) If not from the area, suggest literature from the various chambers of commerce in advance to assist in planning outings if you are so inclined. The facility has 50amp service and water hookups. There is also a dump station on site. Typically, you arrive the night before and grab a free slot if you can. Check in times are prearranged but pretty much count on a 6am start. At 6am, the techs come out, describe their intentions for the day and take your coach back to the shop. You then have the choice of some of their excellent coffee in their waiting room or to head out. There is a TA truck stop about 2 blocks down the road with a cafe with the normal selections - all prepared well with good proportions. The shop takes their lunch hour at 10;30am then at 2pm will bring your coach back to your slot and the tech goes over what work was accomplished, what remains to be done or says the work is complete and you are now free to sell your first born. This is the old Monaco facility and alot of the staff are ex- employees. The two we worked with were simply outstanding and took the blinders off; pointing out potential problems completely outside of the work order. We were impressed by the treatment, this was all old school customer service at the highest level. While I may be a bit biased since I was lucky enough to escape from the hell of our dealer service and get this wonderful new experience but the bias was well deserved. Dennis
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