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  1. Thank you to everyone who has posted in this thread. This is all really helpful advice. I'll try out these suggestions & get back to you when I know something new. Thanks again :-)
  2. Hi there escapees. Firstly, thanks in advance for your help with this. So I have an issue that really needs to be resolved. In 2016, I registered my vehicle in TX -where I'm also domiciled- & drove to the West Coast. I have been moving around the W. Coast ever since. When my vehicle's registration & inspection expired, I stopped driving the vehicle & parked it at my friend's place. It's now 2018 & the vehicle has been parked there & sitting -with expired inspection & registration- for over a year now. In TX, a vehicle must be inspected to be registered to get the c
  3. Bill & others interested, Thank you again for the kind words. We are currently living out our mission and producing content. Follow our YouTube channel here, and our podcast here! Thanks for listing.
  4. Hello friends, ​I try to get on my roof fairly regularly to check out how things are & clean & apply roof protectant. However, after this summer I saw something I had never seen on my roof before. I'm guessing that my roof is of the "rubber" variety. It's about 16 years old & is white. It seems to be scaling & flaking off in some places revealing a blueish - black material underneath. I don't believe it's leaking. I'm attaching a photo of this. ​What do I need to do to repair, prevent & protect my roof? ​Thanks in advance, ​Loxley
  5. I love the idea, however the people that supplied me with WVO along the way have expressed their wish for privacy. I will say this though, CriagsList works.
  6. July 5th - July 7th, 2016 Northern California to Southern Oregon on I-5. Modesto > Stockton > Sacramento > Red Bluff > Redding, CA > Ashland > Medford, OR Looking for WVO / SVO & biodiesel. Contact me, Thanks!
  7. Moving up California: Bakersfield > Fresno > Modesto > San Francisco, CA June 29th - July 5th, 2016. Email or PM me if you have any WVO / SVO or biodiesel available in this area. Thanks everyone!
  8. @ Jim, why yes it does help; thank you. Also looking for backyard WVO & biodiesel brewers. Will be in Farmington, NM - Durango, CO - Cortez CO area Sunday June 19 - Thursday 23, 2016. Looking for WVO &/or biodiesel in the four corners area. Willing to pay or trade stuff. Email or PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  9. ​We don't mind older, as long as it's well build & has been well maintained. Thanks Ron & Linda
  10. Thinking about downsizing to the sub 30' class fifth wheel, but must have a slide out in the bedroom (bed or closet slide). So far I've only found Lakota by Mckenzie. Is this a decent brand & model for full timers? Any other suggestions for well built 5th wheel models with two slide outs under 30 feet? Don't mind if it's older, so long as it's in good shape. Thanks! ps- If you have a fifth wheel under 30' with a bedroom slide for sale let me know...
  11. Will be in Santa Fe, Española, Dixon, Taos, New Mexico June 14th - June 19th. Any WVO in Northern NM? Thanks!
  12. ​We are both now Escapee-Xscapers! ​Thank you! *hugs back to y'all from both of us!* ​ ​
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! So far the full time life seems just right for us. Everyone in Livingston was so nice too! ​ ​@Bill, content will be coming soon! Thanks for the kind words. ​
  14. ​Sorry Al, yes it is a BioFuelsTechnologies used cooking oil setup.
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