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Fng with thanks and questions


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This is my first post, I've been lurking off and on.

It is necessary for me to make some changes and a TT

really looks like a great option.

Now my dilemma, like most its money.

I might be putting the horse before the cart but that is where I am at.

I was just offered a Nissan Titan V8 4x4 with low miles and in my budget. It looks like it will be mine.

Now its time to look for a trailer and that is the sticking point. Should I go for another deal, a 5th wheel

or focus on finding a bumper pull TT ?

The trick is I have a KLR that I need to pack along somehow.

Originally I was planning on a TT (22-24ft) and putting my

KLR in the truck bed for possible increased driving stability. If I select a small 5th wheel I would need to build a cargo shelf on the back of the 5th wheel. I am undecided which way to go.

The Titan has 300+HP

A TT will be 4k dry +/- dual axle

5th wheel I'm not sure on the weight but

over length is 18-20ft for the main box.

My KLR is about 440 with oil,gas and travel box.

I am not sire how to count a cargo shelf.

I'm guessig a HD shelf welded in place will be about

100-125 lbs.

Does anyone here tow with a Titan, what are your




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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We do our best to be helpful so feel free to ask questions or make comments any time.


I tow a travel trailer with a Dodge 2500, Cummins diesel so have experience with some of the issues that you face. But I don't carry the bike but have been around a lot of those who do so and will try to help. No doubt that the more maneuverable and stable towing combination is to choose a fifth wheel, but every option has it's disadvantages also. With the decision you are considering the usable truck bed is always a question. If you do add the bike to the back of a fifth wheel, there is a formula to determine the weight transfer.


For Rear Lifts

Measure the distance from the center of rear axle to the center of the weight(Lift) in inches.
Divide that number by the RV’s wheelbase in inches.
That number is multiplied times the weight of the load and the result is added to the load and becomes the total weight added to the rear axle.
That same amount of the load weight is subtracted from the hitch weight and unloads the hitch by that amount.

800 lb bike, Lift 100 lb for a total weight to be added of 900 lb
Center axle to rear 120” wheelbase 240”
120 divide by 240 =0.50 ~ ~ 550# X .5 = 275# + 550# = 825#
Weight of 1350 lb added to rear axle
Trailer hitch or fifth wheel pin weight will be 275 lbs lighter.


Keep in mind also that the weight which you add to the trailer means you lower your cargo carrying capacity for the trailer by that amount of total weight. You will still need to weigh the truck and trailer to be sure that you stay under the axle weight limits and GVWR of the trailer. Pay particular attention to the trailer's axle weights as you will be adding more weight to the rear axle than the front one. It is possible to calculate the weight effects for each axle in a tandem axle arrangement, but that then becomes far more complicated.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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I don't understand some of the questions/statements in your post, but the Titan is not a suitable tow vehicle for a fifth wheel. The issue is not whether the power train can pull it, but rather the payload capacity on the rear axle of the truck after you have full fuel, occupants, hitch, and other stuff on board. With the Titan, you need to focus on pull-behind travel trailers. Forget dry weights. Use the GVWR for the trailer and calculate 15% of that for an estimated loaded tongue weight. This calculated weight cannot exceed the rear axle weight rating of the truck minus the scaled weight of the rear truck axle ready to tow.



2012 F350 CC LB DRW 6.7
2020 Solitude 310GK-R, MORryde IS, disc brakes, solar, DP windows
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Clearly Rob L is 100% correct! The Titan is not a fiver truck.

The only fiver that it can tow, within limits, is a Scamp or a Casita and

both are very small. As stated above please use the GVWR and not dry weights.

I have had a number of RVs and none weighted the dry weight listed. They were always more

some just a little but many a good bit more. Good Luck

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Pay attention to the fine print too, much bad news is well hidden like the fact that factory weights taken with a stripped truck, only the driver (150 pounds is typical) and using unrealistic numbers for the frontage area.

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