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Buying from Private Individual Out-of-State


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My wife and I live in New Jersey. We are looking at a used RV being sold by the owner in a neighboring state. If we decide to buy it, can anyone tell me how we go about registering it so that we can drive it home?

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Most states will allow you to drive for 30 days using a copy of the sales receipt that is dated. Some states will issue a temp. for transit, but for a cost. I'd contact DOT of the two states involved and ask them as they will be happy to tell you what their rules are.

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What others said: contact the DMV for your home state (and possibly the state you're buying from) and explain the situation and ask what to do. It will vary from state to state.


When I was living in South Carolina I bought my travel trailer from an individual in Florida. The seller was nice enough to leave the Florida plates on the trailer until I got it home, where I had 30 days to register it and put my own tags on. I registered it right away though, so I could mail the seller's plates back to him. In Florida, the temporary tag would have been very pricey, so I saved money this way.


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