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Slide will not move

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If the motor runs but slide don't move, look for a shear pin somewhere by following the drive shift to the point that things stop turning. If not a shear pin it will likely be something not turning.


If the motor isn't turning, use a volt meter to see what voltage, if any is being applied to the motor winding. If none, go back to the switch and check for voltage and if present there, turn off voltage and check the switch with an ohm meter, both open and closed. (0 ohms or nearly so when closed)

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I (like others) have no idea of the type or brand or anything so were in the dark, but FWIW (nothing) I looked at one recently that had faulty relays where the inside switch was sending out a voltage signal but relays didn't close that actually operated the motor (I'm talkin electrical type here). A 12 VDC test light and/or better yet a DC Voltmeter while someone activates the interior switch is a good place to start. I've seen so often over 40 + years messing with RV's and tractors, trucks and trailers etc., its loose or corroded electrical connections that cause so many problems LOOK AT EASY THINGS FIRST..........


Best I can do from here


John T

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We also have an older Fleetwood product and had problems with the large living room slide not moving in or out. Our problem was a corroded connection at the main switch that you operate to make the slide move in and out. Took it out cleaned it up and it worked great. Hope theirs is that easy. Like someone said above, start with the easiest to get to, especially the connections.

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The solution to the slide not going out was a bad connection on a relay pin. Each slide has a relay between the switch and the motor, The relays were behind an electrical panel under the sink in bathroom. They removed the panel and found the relays looking at the pins they noticed that one looked like it

might have been arcing. Cleaned and resoldered connection and the slide worked like it should. Thanks for all the help.


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