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Troubleshooting wipers


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So today my wipers decided to start working on their own.


They still respond to the switch if i set intermittent or continuous they work as expected but I can't shut them off.


If I move the wiper switch to off, they work randomly anywhere from once every 10-20 seconds to non-stop


Bad motor? Bad relay? How can I tell which is the culprit


I tried pulling and putting the relay back in that did not help nor did did cycling the ignition


Any suggestions would be appreciated



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Go to the ground stud on the LH frame under the hood. Then go to the inside side of it all and make sure they are all clean, tight, and terminals in good shape - especially the little one that comes down from the firewall. Loose/missing one there can cause a ghost wipe.


Most importantly, check with your dealer to be sure the wiper motor recall was completed. Get that done if your truck needs it.


The stud is the one on the bottom right of the wheel sticker in the pic, but on the inside of the rail.



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