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  1. Thanks Steve - IBC tote yes that’s the one wasn’t sure what they were called. Yes I have tandems and lots of space with the fifth wheel mounted over the rear axle. Front axle has capacity to spare. The paltry 2500lb pin weight from my trailer barely registers on the front axle with the 244” wheelbase Thanks to everyone for the input
  2. Hi all - I am wondering if anyone has successfully mounted a water tank behind the truck sleeper on top of the frame. There are 250 gallon water tanks that are approximately 4 feet square sitting on a two way pallet with an aluminum frame all around the tank. i’ve seen a few of these mounted on hdt’s over the years and I always figured they weren’t strong enough for dynamic water loads from driving... but it appears they are strong enough to be stacked one on top of another full of water so I wonder if anybody has done it and have you run into any issues. I don’t have any room
  3. There's lots here for me to chew on... Having young kids kinda complicates things from the length perspective since everything needs to be longer to accommodate them. Next comes space for all the stuff we need to boondock 2-3 weeks at a time far from everything. I've been running at 70' for a couple of years now and no issues yet. With what I have in mind here less than 75' seems downright impossible... But the biggest design consideration is off road use and chains. I have some minimizer half fenders over each rear wheel now and I've popped off at least 4 support arm bolts off road
  4. Thanks guys for the great input. Lots of nice rigs here. Digging the stretched Pete 359 with the roll back ramp looks like he's carrying 600 gallons of fuel that would be pretty sweet going to Alaska. 2-1/2 tons of fuel is great for smoothing out the ride... MoSKP9 - I'd love to go to Hutchinson but I won't be able to make it there this year. From Calgary it's 20 hours driving one way to get there and October is bad for me. lockmup68 - looks like you might be an inch or two over 65' lol . Have you run into any issues outside your home state? HERO Maker - Thanks for not saying
  5. Doesn't look like I'm going to be hitting that 65' length target since my truck is already 30'...
  6. Yup the KW is tandem. This is purely conceptual at this point but I am thinking I would extend the frame 6-8' past the rearmost axle...so 2 tons cantilevered 6-8' plus an overbuilt deck and a full size vehicle (could be a Colorado ZR2 or 4 door jeep) should do the job. That will be well over 10,000 lbs. Might still not be enough to protect the TT without an air receiver hitch but the suspension will be getting some exercise
  7. air safe receiver hitches are pretty nice but max out at 3,000 # of tongue weight. I'm thinking I'll be around 30k # of trailer so tongue weight will be over 3k for sure. I hope I won't need an air hitch for this to work....I figure the weight of the vehicle, platform and 4K or so tongue weight will be enough to get the suspension reacting adequately on the brutal roads we have up here in Canuckland.
  8. Most folks are pulling fifth wheels I'd say as there are way more decent trailer options for an HDT if you go that route. You won't need a weight distributing hitch for a TT I don't think but you may want to look at a hitch receiver on the HDT with an integrated air suspension - depending how heavy your trailer is and how much load you have on the truck - it would be easy to demolish a standard light weight TT pulling it behind a lightly loaded HDT. I'm leaning towards a pintle hitch as I am frequently off road and they hold up better for that than a ball hitch supposedly havin
  9. thanks guys that New Horizons is pretty sweet. What am I looking at for one of those about $200K USD?
  10. I’ve been giving some thought to switching from pulling a fifth wheel rv to a bumper pull setup so I can carry a jeep on the truck without being super long. problem is I can’t find many rv’s that go up to three axles for bumper-pull though I have seen pics from fellow forum members with some of these but I didn’t notice the brand I currently have a 45’ XLR ‘toolhauler’ and I love that rigid frame and triple axle setup when I go off road it is so stable compared to two axle trailers
  11. lol yeah I'm sure man after nearly 40,000 miles at 7 mpg it's hard to miss the 10-15% improvement I got when I was derated in my case at full power it's nearly impossible to keep the torque gauge under 100% when I'm climbing hills or starting from a stop...could be an issue with foot weight or patience but I didn't get an HDT to save on fuel it still amazes me that I can get roughly the same fuel economy towing with the KW as I can with a ram cummins dually even though I drive the KW pretty HARD
  12. I’ve had the paccar mx-13 derated by 25% for an electrical problem with my DEF level gauge and my fuel economy was noticeably better Mine is 485hp so I was derated near 365 hp and it didn’t make a huge difference pulling a 20k fiver on level ground. Hill climbs were a whole other story It got me thinking it would be pretty sweet to have control over the max power output like you can on diesel pickup tuners but there’s no such doohickey for big rigs as far as I can tell I would set mine to 100% power for the hills and about 400hp for everything else
  13. Howdy we’re in Alberta and looking at moving to New Brunswick. Does anybody have experience registering an HDT there can’t seem to find any info on the forum for this province. In canada now some provinces are making it really hard to use an HDT as an RV like Quebec and Ontario hoping New Brunswick is easier thanks
  14. Might help especially if you have the type where the bag is in line with the shock On mine there's a bag on each side of the shock . They say it was for the disc brakes they needed 4 bags but it sure seems to help it track good on the rough http://m.truckinginfo.com/article/163025/new-kenworth-ag130-front-air-suspension-now-available-for-order
  15. I think front air ride is awesome. Not sure what kind I have on mine I'd guess it's a Paccar setup it has 2 bags on each side and it tracks perfect off highway.
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