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Keystone RV recall

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Their latest Iota recall (there were more than 1) involved mfg dates from late 08 to late 2010. model years 2009, 10, 11, ; with some variations by specific Keystone rig models.


To get the free replacement transfer switch you have to go to a Keystone Dealer.


I had already selected, bought & installed my own replacement, before I got the recall notice for my 2011 Raptor. By then it was well known that these Iota's were a fire hazard. Iota had initially tried to blame all the burnt up units on owners not tightening the connection bolts. that was BS

Everyone should check the tightness of all main electrical connections periodically. But in this case it was clearly the under sized wiring and inadequate heat dissipation that caused the frequent overheating, melted wires & fires.




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