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Removing RV Decals?

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What has been your experience with removing exterior decals from fiberglass endcaps and vinyl walls. I'm looking at doing that possibly on a new buy or up to 3 years old unit. Odd question, I guess, but sometimes the unit you like has been marred by attempts at artistic expression. How's that for diplomacy? Anyway, yes, no, maybe?


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The Carrilite make the removal sound very easy. It is a PITA. Heat gun and razor blade on the larger decals work to start with but do yourself a favor and go to a good auto paint store and get one of the decal eraser wheels. You can put them on a drill if you do not have compressed air and it will remove the PSA residue and make life a lot easier. Also get a gallon of acetone and a bunch of rags. I used rubbing compound and a wool pad after that.



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Definitely get someone else to do it! As stated above if from a dealer make it part of the deal. Otherwise the heat gun, scrapers, rags (lot of) and the acetone and a LOT of elbow grease! :) Rambler62 said it all with PITA! And that's an understatement. Dennis

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I just replaced the front decal on our Cameo last week. I used metal razor blades (used 3) in a holder and then cleaned up the residue with denatured alcohol. It took about 3 hours and I actually enjoyed the project cause you could see the results immediately with each letter being removed. I have been told the rubber wheel on a drill is faster to remove the residue. The front of the camper looks new with the fresh decal.


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Heat, plastic razor blades, fingers, lots of patience, and then GooGone and elbow grease to remove the adhesive After the decals are removed there will likely be some fading of the non-covered area so where the decals were may have ghost images in that outline. Definitely easier if you make removal part of the purchase deal.

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3M & Loctite both make decal remover. It works, but you are looking at a big job. Like the heat gun, the sun and air temperature are your friends.

You may have fresh un-faded paint under the decals that will be hard to bring the faded paint back to match.

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